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Perfect Pix is a set of graphic tools for Amstrad CPC with 3 extended video modes to get images of an unusual quality on a 8-bit machine:

  • Mode R -> Up to 384x272 pixels and 16 freely selectable colors from a palette of 27.
  • Mode B0 -> Up to 192x272 pixels and 136 colors from a palette of 378.
  • Mode B1 -> Up to 384x272 pixels and 307 colors, divided into color 0 + up to 34 palettes of 9 colors per line.

You must run the tool on real hardware to see the true visual result.

Before you begin, we recommend that you read this manual to understand the concepts and ensure that gives the right steps to make possible almost any image on your CPC.
The set includes source code examples to show images. Include high-quality graphics in your productions is very easy!


★ YEAR: 2016
★ CONFIG: Windows with Java installed.
  • v1.00: First release.
  • v1.01: Added message if upper memory is full by too many ROMs.
  • v1.02: Bug fixed in the converter exporting overscan screens. More upper memory free for greater ROMs compatibility.
  • v1.03: Improved controls in Paint tool by adding CONTROL + keys to move the pointer to scroll the zoom window (similar to OCP Art Studio). Added warning message in the converter when source image exceeds the image size limits managed with the Paint tool. Additional upper memory free for greater ROMs compatibility.


Other platform tools:
» Perfect  Pix  Converter  v1.0DATE: 2016-07-18
DL: 44 fois
SIZE: 1062Ko
NOTE: 40 Cyls

» Perfect  Pix  Converter  v1.03DATE: 2016-07-31
DL: 85 fois
SIZE: 1085Ko
NOTE: 40 Cyls

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