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After the tragic death of Carl Surry's Playmates, the CPC owners only interested in games were tossed aside. Now, Lee Rouane comes to the rescue with the first magazine to be influenced by the rock-pop band , Simple Minds.

Games, games, games. That's what Alive and Kicking specialises in. “But with so few new games being released, tow can Lee expect to fill 24 pages?" You might well ask. Lee would just point out the additional features for users of the Bonzo tape-to-disc utility the games cheat pages (containing both listings and keypress pokes), the 'Hackers Haunt' and not to mention the general CPC news section.

Also, why should a games fanzine review ONLY the brand new games? There isn't one CPC user that has every single game that has ever seen the light of day on the CPC. Issue One contains reviews of Hero Quest , Titus The Fox , Switchblade , Turbo The Tortoise and more. What's more, these game reviews are very well written indeed.

Every fanzine editor looks back on the first issue and cringes. Lee has no cause for concern as far as the writing style goes, but presentation could be improved. The body text is done with an all capitals font found with Art Studio (SQUASHED.FNT) and the headline style varies from page to page. Also, the game rating system by no means remains the same. Some have percentages, some just comments and others have both. However, nobody can get the hang of PowerPage the first time. A worthy read, take it from me.


★ YEAR: 199x
★ AUTHOR: Lee Rouane (Chesterfield)
? FORMAT: 24 A5 pages


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