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Maniac is another member of Donut System, who wrote the "BePSiL Generations" demo reviewed above, although he didn't actually contribute to it in any way. However, Maniac is also in the Amiga scene, and this little collection is a set of six tunes taken from some Amiga games using Digitracker 1.4, a well-known shareware utility for the CPC. I haven't heard Volume One, though, but I recently received this, and had a listen to it. 

First of all, I catalogued the disc, and a nice catalogue message appeared; they always seem to set a good example for what comes next. So I loaded it up and watched the nice intro. sequence, which flashes the letters of "Donut System" on the screen. Then there's a lovely picture of Ryu from Street Fighter II, and lastly, the credits fade in and out. Maniac has obviously taken great care in presenting this collection well. 

Once I reached the main menu, I had my selection of six tunes to choose from. The menu is bright and colourful, with letters flashing on and off like a fruit machine, lighting up the names of the tunes. The tunes include 2 Unlimited's "No Limit," "Jesus On Es (???)," and an Nth Dimension mix of "Zool Rave." I take it then that Maniac is a big fan of dance music?! 

When you've selected which tune to play, you'll see a set of one large speaker and two smaller speakers on the screen, and these boom in and out as the music is played through each of the CPC's sound channels. It is a great effect. 

Even if you're not much of a fan of dance music (like me), you're sure to like this collection. The presentation is stupendous, and the music is just excellent, albeit slightly fuzzy - converting Amiga tunes are bound to bring some slight imperfections on to the CPC. The shouts of "Hey!" in the "Total Recoil" tune are brilliant, too. It's unmissable!


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