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Diskzines, or rather fanzines on disk, are very popular with the European CPC scene. They outnumber paper fanzines and have often been criticised as being little more than fancy demos with some text thrown in.

The Bad Mag is different. There are no fancy space-filling intros in this 'zine - just 68 lengthy articles. That doesn't mean that it's badly coded. Crown has made the best use of his coding skill to produce the best-looking, and most user-friendly, fanzine ever.

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A european diskzine - but don't panic , a good half it is written in English.

The whole thing is in overscan (no border) and most ot the screen is filled with text. There is a small heading at the top. and a small control bar at the bottom.

Control is simplicity itself. Text can be scrolled from right to left, column by column, using a joystick or keys. When you've finished reading hit the spacebar to bring back the menu. Then you can choose your next article. Any time you can't figure out what to do hit escape and a handy help file will appear.

As for the all-important content, anything goes. It might be a CPC fanzine, but it includes a large number of norv CPC articles. They range from a review of Super Cautdton, to How to Make Love in a Car (by Lovebyte of the HJT of course!). Most of the articles are well written and highly amusing. Being a German diskzine. many of them are in German, but more than hall are in English so you can't complain.

In short, the Bad Mag represents exactly what a diskzine should be. It gives clever coding a practical purpose and is an extremely enjoyable read. No other diskzine comes close to matching it.

★ YEAR: 1993
★ CONFIG: ???
★ AUTEURS: Crown , Link , CPC-Mike , Lovebyte , TIC / Contributed with articles: Prodatron , Joker , Thriller , Timberwolf , DSC , Hypnomega , Hexenmeister , Dark Sector , Phobos , Gremlin

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