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|CD - Change dir, as known from DOS, you can use it like:

|cd,"games and it will go to the subdirectory games, but you can also do
|cd,"games/batman" and go directly to another sub-directory.
|cd,".. takes you one step back and
|cd,"/ takes you to the root of the sd.

DSK files widely used by emulators, can also be used as a folder, where you do ie.
|cd,"robocop.dsk" and it takes you inside the DSK file as it was a folder.
|cd,".. takes you back out.
Notice: DSK files are read only for now.

It's also possible to |CD into converted CPR dsk images (
similar to use .dsk images.

|CTR - Added v2.0.4. Start cartridge image flashed into M4 flash (and crash if not present). CPC PLUS only!

|CTRUP - Added v2.0.4. |CTRUP,"cartimg.cpr". Upload cartridge image to M4 flash (max. size used is 256KB). Format can be binary or .cpr

Format can be either plain binary dump or .CPR format.

|COPYF - Copy file, src file, dest file. Paths can be used too. (for microSD only)

|FCP - Added v2.0.1. Copy files between microSD and floppy drives.

|FCP,"MYFILE.BIN", "A:" will copy MYFILE.BIN to drive A.
You can also address microSD with drive letter C:
|FCP,"A:MYFILE.BIN", "C:" will copy MYFILE.BIN to current directory in microSD.
There is one wild card option, "*" to copy all files from a disc or directory.
|FCP,"A:*","C:" will copy all files on disc A to current directory.

|REN - Rename "new file","old file".

Just like with CPC discs, but you can also use it to move one file or folder from one directory to another.
Example: |ren,"games/robocop.dsk","robocop.dsk" moves the file from current directory, into the games directory.

|ERA - Erase a file or folder.

Wildcards can be used to delete multiple files/folders.
Example: |era,"*.bak" erase all .bak files in current directory.
Example: |era,"games/r*.d?k" removes all matches under games directory.

|MKDIR - Create directory in current dir, or in remote dir.

|mkdir,"games/discs" creates a subfolder under games directory.

|DISC - Added v2.0.0. Switch to AMSDOS (floppy discs) if present

|SD - Added v2.0.0. Switch to M4 (microsd)

|SNA - Added v2.0.2. Start SNAPSHOT image made by an emulator. Ie. |SNA,"FRANKIE.SNA"

|DIR - Display directory, similar to cpc discs, you can add wildcards to it, unlike the cat command.

Example: |dir,"games/discs/b?t*.dsk" etc.

|DSKX - Extract files from DSK image.

Usage |dskx,"somedisk.dsk","/mypath" and all files are extracted to given path.

|LS - Added v2.0.0. Display directories as long names. Max. length depends on the screen mode. Same parameters as |dir can be used.

|TAPE - Added v2.0.0. Switch to tape. Use |SD to switch back to M4 (microSD).

|TIME - Displays current time, if appropriete ntp server was setup.

|NETSET - See above (setup)

|NETSTAT - Will display current status of network connection

|HTTPGET - Download a file from the internet to the current directory.

Parameters are url:port/name.
If no port is specified port 80 is used.
Example: |httpget,"" or |httpget,"" will work.

|HTTPMEM - Downloads a file from the internet to memory, max size at once is 0x4000 bytes, however a offset can be specified, so more can be read in chunks.

Parameters are url:port/name, memory address, size to read
Example: |HTTPMEM,"",&C000,&4000
Example with offset: |HTTPMEM,", offset=0x10000",&8000,&1000 .. This will read from offset 0x10000 into the file.

|M4ROMOFF - Disable M4 rom until next power cycle.

Use this if you want to access your real disc drive or start a CPC+ cartridge.

|M4HELP - Displays first 32 roms. |M4help,romnumber - lists commands commands for given rom.

|ROMSOFF - Added v2.0.5. Without paramters, all roms of M4 board is disabled until CPC is rebooted or M4 reset is pressed.

Optional paramteres: "except rom number", "reset" (0 = do not reset, 1 = do reset). With this it's possible to disable all roms except one.
Example: |ROMSOFF,6,1 (will disable all other roms than rom 6 and reset the CPC).

|VERSION - Displays current firmware version of ESP8266 and Cortex M4.

|UPGRADE - Downloads latest upgrade if available.

Afterwards you need to powercycle the M4 board, either by the reset switch or turning power off/on.
Upgrade process will start and the board will display again once finished.

|ROMUP - Added v1.0.5. Upload rom to a given slot. Ie. |ROMUP,"UTOPIA.ROM",15 . will upload Utopia rom to slot 15

|ROMSET - Added v1.0.5. Used to enable or disable rom (must be uploaded already). |ROMSET,15,0 will disable rom 15. |ROMSET,15,1 will re-enable it.

|ROMUPD - Added v1.0.5. Will apply rom modifications live (new roms will be flashed into M4 flash, without reboot need)

|GETPATH - Added v1.1.0. Shows the actual selected path. *

e.g.|GETPATH shows "m4" when the "A:\m4"-directory is selected.

|LONGNAME - Added v1.1.0. Shows the complete long file or directory-name. *

e.g. "cat" displays "ROMCON~1.BIN" then |LONGNAME, "ROMCON~1.BIN" shows "romconfig.bin".

|UDIR - Added v1.1.0. No use in plain BASIC. *

|WIFI - Added v2.0.2. Use |wifi,0 to turn off WiFi and |wifi,1 to turn it back on.

* see more under Developer information.

Note about wildcards:
Files use extensions, so when filtering files via wildcards, you typically use *.* format,
Directories do not have extensions, so you only need * for directories.
Valid wildcards are * and ?.

★ YEARS: 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 2021
★ CONFIG: M4wifi


Other platform tools:
» M4  CPC  Wifi  Firmware  v1.10b4DATE: 2017-03-29
DL: 142 fois
SIZE: 273Ko
NOTE: m4board firmware update ;

» M4  CPC  Wifi  Firmware  v2.03DATE: 2018-02-02
DL: 114 fois
SIZE: 284Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by hERMOL ;

» M4  CPC  Wifi  Firmware  v2.03b1DATE: 2017-03-29
DL: 129 fois
SIZE: 283Ko
NOTE: m4board firmware update ;

» M4  CPC  Wifi  Firmware  v2.04DATE: 2018-03-19
DL: 146 fois
SIZE: 284Ko

» M4  CPC  Wifi  Firmware  v2.05b11DATE: 2019-02-07
DL: 94 fois
SIZE: 303Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by CPCLOV ;

» M4  CPC  Wifi  Firmware  v2.05b12DATE: 2019-02-07
DL: 103 fois
SIZE: 290Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by CPCLOV ;

» M4  CPC  Wifi  Firmware  v2.06DATE: 2021-02-14
DL: 32 fois
SIZE: 304Ko

» M4  CPC  Wifi  Firmware  v2.07DATE: 2021-03-07
DL: 34 fois
SIZE: 290Ko

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