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Last month DAVID McLACHLAN showed how to write a program to design word puzzles. Now he's come up with an aid to help solve them

MY old headmaster used to say: "It's easy enough to ask questions, the trick's answering them . .." Well, last month we gave you a word square creator. Now we've come up with a program to help you solve previously created word squares.

Any data file produced by last month's program will contain a ready-made word square and a list of the words hidden in it. This month's program is designed to assist you to solve the word square contained in that file.

When you run it you'll be prompted to load one of your files and asked if you want a printout. If your reply is V the word square is sent to the printer.

The puzzle is displayed in a box at the left-hand side of the screen with
the words hidden in it. These words are also listed to the right of the screen for reference.

In the top left corner of the box is a yellow cursor which you move using the corresponding arrow keys.

Move it to the first letter of a word which you think you have found then press Copy. A red block will be printed above the list of words to acknowledge that the start position has been selected.

Next move the cursor in the direction that the word is displayed. Remember, it can read in any direction and even be displayed in reverse.

When you reach the end letter "set'' it using the Copy key and a second red block will be displayed alongside the first, acknowledging that the end position has been

The list will then be searched for the word you have indicated. If a match is found, an asterisk is placed alongside the word in the list indicating that it has been located correctly. The word in the box and its counterpart are then highlighted by changing their colour to red.

If the search fails to find a match this is indicated by a beep.

When you locate a correct word the elapsed time is printed at the bottom of the screen. This will enable you to have word square competitions with friends.

When all the words have been found you will again be asked if you want a printout. If your reply is Y the word square is printed out and can be marked with the solution for later reference.


★ PUBLISHER: Computing With The Amstrad
★ ANNÉES: 1985 , 1986
★ AUTHOR: DAVID McLACHLAN (from an idea by Kevin Edwards)


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