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I thought I might tell you about this little 10-Liner of mine. It's a set of RSXs, or bar commands, which you can use from BASIC. They replace some of the commands which are only found in BASIC 1.1, and so 464 owners are not able to use these commands. 

This is where my 6128 Emulation RSXs come in useful. If you own a 464, and look at the listings pages of Amstrad Action, ACU etc., you'll know that it's very frustrating to type out a listing, only to find it won't work on your 464. So instead, you can use these RSXs to make it work for you. 

That's all very well, but there are some commands that are not available - notably the lack of a FILL command. The MASK and DEC$ commands on BASIC 1.1 are also not used here, but how often do you see these commands used? 

These RSXs are quite useful for 464 owners, although I suspect there aren't too many of them around these days. The RSXs themselves only take up 400 bytes of memory, and you should be able to get most BASIC programs working properly on a 464 with them. There are full instructions included in the 10-Liner, and I reckon it's one of the best programs I've written recently. Somewhere, though, I can feel a slight hint of bias... 


★ YEAR: 1996
★ CONFIG: ???
★ AUTEUR: Nicholas Campbell


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