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Here is the current changelog of SymShell 2.0beta:
  • TAB auto-complete: while typing in the command line use the tab key in the way you know it from modern shells; this also works with more complex path statements and for the command parameters
  • "search path" functionality for starting COM-files: if a COM file can't be found in the current directory/device, SymShell will try to start it from the SymbOS system directory; as an example you can copy AHEAD.COM into the system directory (e.g. C:SYMBOS ), and can always start it even if you are on a floppy disc, which only contains the files you want to edit
  • HELP command updated (full list, %P switch for pause) and enhanced with detailed information for each command by typing HELP < commandname >. The "" file has to be placed in the same directory like "appshell.exe".
  • new commands: DATE, TIME; these behave like the MS-DOS versions
  • new command: ATTRIB for displaying and changing file attributes
  • wildcard support for COPY, REN, MOVE, TYPE, ATTRIB; all these can process multiple files now
  • %H (process hidden files) and %S (process system files) flags for DIR, COPY, REN, MOVE, TYPE, ATTRIB
  • proper path handling for all commands; source (and destination) can be a full absolute or relative path; pathes, which end with an directory instead of a file(mask) always have a "/" (or "") at the end, otherwise it will be handled like a file (this should be autodetected in the future)
  • COPY command supports an increased copy buffer and is able to copy multiple source files into one single destination file, if specified
There is currently one known bug: The TYPE command may hang in special situations, when the shell is running in Window mode. It can be reproduced and will be fixed for the final 2.0.
Because of the platform-specific fullscreen-mode-code there are now individual versions for each platform available to decrease the size of the application. The PCW version is currently not available.
The included AHEAD.COM requires SymShell 2.0 and won't run properly with older versions.

Thanks to CraigsBar for testing it on the CPC!


★ GROUPE: SymbiosiS
★ YEAR: 2015
★ AUTHOR: Jörn MIKA (Prodatron)
★ INFO: SymShell v2.0beta (2015) required SYMBOS v3.0 (or higher)

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