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This disc contains a number of file-management utilities. They are SMaxisweep, Wash, NewSWeeP, Cleanup, FIP (File Interchange Program), and SB29.

  • Side A contains Maxisweep: for instructions TYPE the files MS.DOC and SMS.MAN. Please note that Maxisweep is shareware: if you want to Scontinue using it after a month, the author demands that you pay him five Spounds. It also has some of the most pig-headed copyright conditions SI've ever seen, which means that I have had to include the MS901126.LBR file Son the disc as well, even though this just contains the other files. SMaxisweep is for CP/M 3.1 (Plus) systems only.

  • Side B contains NSWP, Dave Rand's famous file manager: Wash (versions for SCP/M 2.2 and 3.1): Cleanup: FIP: and B29 (again, versions for both CP/M 2.2 S- B29-AM22.COM - and CP/M Plus - B29-VT52.COM). There are instructions Sfor all of them except Wash and FIP.

MaxiSweep: a Z80 CP/M-80 utility for copying and viewing files. Similar to Sweep, but MS also knows how to unsqueeze and uncrunch files, and how to read LBR files (even ones with squeezed/crunched items). Enhancements in the latest version include: larger files for G command, extended syntax for F & W to allow attributes, faster i/o for CP/M 3 (e.g. Amstrad PCW), and minor bug fixes. John Washington.

NSWP is new disk utility than can replace many of the more common utilities that are used, such as STAT, PIP, USQ, SQ, TYPE, PRINT, SWEEP, DISK7, PROT, and others. In only 12K of disk space, it replaces over 100K of utilities! NSWP is written entirely in assembly language, and will run on any CP/M 2.x, 3.x or MP/M based system with no changes. Since it is coded in 8080 assembler, any 8080, 8085 or Z80 compatible processor will serve. Note that this program WILL NOT run on CP/M 1.4.

B29.COM v3.04

CLEANUP.COM: A neat little utility which is small enough to put on all your discs. It offers much slicker file erasing and typing without the need to keep repeating command strings or loading bigger file management programs such as NSWEEP.

★ ÉDITEUR: Robot PD Library
★ YEAR: 1990
★ CONFIG: 128K + CP/M+
  • MaxiSweep by John Washington
  • NSWP - A disk maintenance utility by Dave Rand
  • B29.COM by Gary Conway /Infinity Design Concept


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