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To complement the Small Trader's Pack. SD has released a package that lets you set up an invoicing system It can be used on its own or with the Traders pack. The Invoicer includes a sales ledge: (identical to the one appearing in the Traders Pack), sales invoicer and a statement generator.

Invoicer's function is to produce invoices and statements in print It can be used either to store and print up to 100 names and addresses or as an integrated accounts suite, with data being ported between various modules.

The same simple 10 get to grips with concept has been implemented in the Invoicer . A thin A4 manual brielly describes its functions You are left to discover what can and can't be done.

Anything chosen from the main menu is loaded from disk. Nothing wrong with that but if you remove the disk before picking an option or even while it is loading, there is a chance you'll lose everything.

One in a million

The Small Trader's pack and Invoicer program haven't any real competition — at least not on the CPC machines The closest rivals are the Home Finance Program (reviewed issue 22) and Database's Plan lt (see issue 18) Both are aimed at the small business or sell employed person But that Is where the similarity ends HFP and Planlt are designed to curb your spending, or lather keep tabs on your cash flow. The Trader s Pack and Invoicer look after stock and keep records on the buying and selling of goods.

Open to offers

The Sales ledger is the same as the one lurking in the Trader's Pack, see that review for the details.

Customers names and addresses must be entered into the Sales Invoice: and oidered the same way as in the Sales Ledger — a pity the software can't sort this out for itself Account names can be listed and entries altered Your trading name can also be entered: on pi in ting the company name is printed in double width and underlined which adds to the impact.

The Sales Invoicer sub-menu. Raise Invoice, caters for the production of an invoice Date, account number invoice number, whether or not is VAT rated and a special category code are all required. Once the computer has received this information you are prompted for a description and pice of the goods A maximum of fifteen items per invoice is allowed. The invoice may include a footer — user definable — which could contain payment terms Payable in 30 days for example.

Statements may bo printed You can take data directly from the sales ledgers, no input is required. You may edit customer files before printing. although it is more likely and probably safer, if done from the invoicing program.

The other options in the Invoicer Pack include a disk utility and calculator These duplicate the functions found in the Trader s Pack.

If you haven't got the Trader's Pack then the £14.95 asking price for the Invoicer is worthwhile It is of questionable value, however if you already own the the Trader's Pack Even though owneis of the Pack are offered a slight discount, too many functions are duplicated.

Invoicer is simple to operate, offers enough to the small business to be of use and comes with a well written manual Error-checking and the poor amount of data it can retain being its shortcomings.


★ PUBLISHER: SD Microsystems
★ YEAR: 1988
★ CONFIG: ???
★ PRICE: £14.95 (£9.95 if purchased with Pack) disk only


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