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Locomotive Software have now come up with a second batch of new fonts for the PCW's built-in dot matrix printer. Supplied on the LocoFont disc are six fonts: a flowing script style based on joined-up handwriting, a quaint, ornate Old English font ideal for publicising the occasional medieval banquet, and four relatively formal general-purpose typestyles designed for work in small pitches.

Unfortunately, installing the fonts on your machine is. at times, a bit of a tortuous process involving copying the appropriate LocoFont files onto your LocoScript start-up disc via Drive M. The installation procedure also involves storing the details of the default font within the Printer Defaults option. The remaining fonts that you've also transferred will be stored in the settings menu for later selection.

If you're working with an 8256, you may find that, despite removing all you can from your startup disc, there is still too little space available either on Drive M or on the disc itself: the files are compressed to make them as small as possible but are still about 11k, Short of adding extra memory there's little you can do to remedy the first problem. You can get round the second by storing the font files on different discs.

From then on it's all downhill. All the fonts can be used for both Draft and High Quality printing in all available characters, although it's unlikely that you'll be able to appreciate the full effect of some of them in draft. The various specialist fonts included on the disc have been designed to look their best at 15 and 17 pitch and line pitch 8 (ie. eight lines per inch instead of the usual six) for documents which require more lines than normal on a page. The Settings menu will hold no more than ten fonts {if you're using this batch of fonts with LocoFont Set 1, for example), but it's a simple matter to remove files that are no longer required in order to make space for others that are.

The Penman and Old English fonts are well done though the others are unremarkable, it isn't possible to use more than one font in a given document; they can only be altered from document to document rather than from paragraph to paragraph. Overall, though, a nice way to spice up your output from LocoScript 2.


★ YEAR: 1988
★ AUTHOR(S): ???
★ PRICE: £19.95

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