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ADAM (yuppie) WARING finds out why he's got behind on the Porsche repayments with SD Microsystems'Home Executive Suite...

Home Executive Suite is a highly comprehensive package consisting of a personal ledger, a filer, a shopping selector (!) and mini calculator - plus a selection of desktop utilities. What's more, all its printer operations can be directed to print on personal organiser size sheets (available from SD Microsystems at £8.95 per 250).

If you spend money like water, and just don't know where it all goes each month, then the ledger may be just what you need. It produces a computerised record of all your incoming and outgoing cash in a specialised format for your personal use. It can handle credit cards and standing orders, making it a very powerful money management system, with password protection to keep all your financial details away from prying eyes. The ledger is unquestionably the most powerful component of the package.

The filing index is a sort of electronic card box, of the type you can get in WH Smiths. The cards are pages of information inside the computer's memory, which can, however, be utilised far more effectively than the cardboard counterparts. Simple searches can be selected on any of the fields. If, for example, you had a filing system of all the games reviewed in AA, you could quite effortlessly make the computer find all the games that got AA raves. However, complex searches specifying several criteria, such as Raves from issues 36 to 48 released by Codemasters are simply out of the question with this mini-database. A great pity, as this omission mars an otherwise excellent program.

The shopping selector seems a pretty bizarre idea. Instead of jotting down a list of your weekly grocery needs, you simply select them via the on-screen cursor. The program then prints them out as a neat and legible list. The next sortie to Sainsbury's then has you safe in the knowledge that you won't forget your white sliced.

An on-screen calculator is the last of the big four options. It is a very simple version, offering only the basic add/subtract/ multiply/divide functions found on elementry models. It is unlikely that it will be used much if you already have a pocket calculatir. If it was a drop-down feature that could be accessed from the other programs, then things might be different, but the hassle of loading it up for simple sums is just too great.

The mini programs falling under the ambi-gious heading of desktop utilities are actually more useful than the last two 'big' options. A label printer lets you print out neatly ordered labels, ideal for disk contents. And if you're financially-minded, then the depreciation and interest/repayments calculators allow you to work out how much your mortgage has gone up by since the last interest rate rise. The best of these utilities, though, are the Diary and Calendar. These are great for pnnting out onto standard personal organiser sheets, ready to be popped directly into your Filofax.

All the programs are easy to use, and the menus are mostly selected by means of the function key pad. The programs have a good consistent feel to them, but there is room for improvement in the disk system - you can catalogue the disk on-screen, but as soon as you press a key the catalogue disappears. It would be better if you could load a file with the catalogue on-screen at the same time.

Home Executive Suite is a mixed bag. The ledger is very good indeed. The filer works well but could do with improved search capabilities. The shopper and calculator are unnecessary and useless. You certainly wouldn't go for Home Executive on the strength of one section alone, but if you're in need of both a ledger and filer then it may be just your cup of tea.


★ PUBLISHER: SD Microsystems
★ YEAR: 1989
★ CONFIG: ???
★ PRICE: £19.95 (Disc)


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