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Drop the bomb

Timebomb is a little PD game with one very special added ingredient - fun! The action takes place on a full screen grid of 'buttons'with skull and crossbones dotted around and one timebomb.

At the beginning of each round you're placed at random on the screen and must get to the timebomb before the fuse burns down and the bomb explodes. Sounds easy? Well it isn't. Each time you pass over a button it is blanked out and you're not allowed to pass over it again. This severely hinders your movement around the screen. And if you inadvertently touch any of the skulls and crossbones you're killed instantly.

After clearing several screens of bombs, you're given the chance to earn some bonus points by collecting a timebomb on a special screen. This time, you simply hurtle along the very top of the screen. There's a row of death's heads at the bottom with one space occupied by the bomb. You must send your little character spinning down the screen at just the right moment to collect the bomb. Slightly early or late and you'll drop straight onto one of the waiting skulls. Lots of fun and very addictive.



AUTHOR(S): ???

★ YEAR: 19xx


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