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Her maid also resides in this wing of the castle - and it seems as if she's in the habit of "borrowing" items from her mistress - either that or she's a very well paid maid , as I found a very expensive bracelet in her sleeping quarters. One thing's for sure , she's not a very attentive maid cos I rang the bell that I found in the lady's bedchamber for ages - and I'm still waiting for her to make an appearance! (You just can't get good staff nowadays can you?)

Whilst in the lady's bedchamber , I had a slight touch of dropsy , which led to half of a Talisman that promised, once made whole again , would lead me to the Weirdstone - being revealed! Just the break I needed, talk about "luck", this adventure was going to be a doddle! (Hmm , famous last thoughts....)

Upon entering the South wing of the castle you'll discover the keep (which wasn't "keeping" anything!), the library, in which sat a poor plant suffering from greenfly - seems the gardener's just as attentive as the maid! You'll also find the study. which has an exit to the east, unfortunately the exit s guarded by a more than attentive guard. The spoilsport, why couldn't he take a leaf out of the maid's or the gardener's book? He will, however, desert his post, providing you can overcome his "sense of duty". That's a task in itself as items abound in this adventure, and just to make matters worse there's a really mean carry limit (Boo, hiss, shame on you Philll)

After dealing with the guard you'll find the Great Hall, armoury, and the Chapel, Discovering the "other half" of the Talisman didn't turn out exactly as I'd expected in fact, if truth be known. I was more than a little shocked at the outcome of making the Talisman whole again. Talk about broken promises - if it knew where the Weirdstone was , it certainly wasn't telling me! (Not only (mean) carry limits in the game but broken promises as well!) Maybe my touch of dropsy hadn't been so lucky after all?

Being kind to the plant will put you on the right track to discovering the whereabout of the elusive Weirdstone, and a little later on, praying for inspiration will be a real eye opener.

When I finally found the Weirdstone I started off on my journey back to the green field from whence I came - just like I d been told to do, Phill, however, had yet more tricks up his sleeve - there goes yet another broken promise (Did I complain? Of course I did!) And I found myself having to answer three questions before finally being able to make my way back to the green field.

Weirdstone has loads of red herrings, a few surprises - and a couple of nasty shocks! I even managed to "die" a few times in the adventure - not as many time as I did in "Hades" though! (Must be getting better, eh Phill?) Despite being stumped a couple of times, Weirdstone was a really enjoyable game to play Best of all there wasn't a maze for me to get lost in. The only thing I didn't like in the adventure was the (very mean) carry limit - more boos and hisses!!

Available from The Adventure Workshop - Price £4 (disc) £2 (tape) together with Save Your Sister also by Phill Ramsay please see review above. Cheque/p.o payable to P.M.Reynolds



Author: Philip Ramsay with The Incentive Graphic Adventure Creator
Graphics: Philip Ramsay & G.M.

★ PRICE: £4 (Disc) , £2 (Tape) together with Save your Sister also by Philip Ramsay

★ YEAR: 1988



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