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This is the eagerly-awaited sequel to The Darkest Road , where you had to confront and defeat evil by singing the Silent Song. However, that was many years ago and now a new evil is threatening the people and the land.

The Mysterious Stranger has sought you out again, seeking your aid in defeating this evil. Plague has befallen the land, killing the people in their thousands. Soon, the South Lands will become a barren wilderness, inhabited by only the warped and perverted things that stalk the night.

The plague was unleashed upon the people by the Unborn One, an evil concocted by the Black Wanderer, hidden until now, awaiting his call. The Unborn One has taken the Citadel of Gor and dispensed the plague from there. The Citadel is guarded by the Hosts, evil beings, but who can be destroyed by the power of the Silent Song.

The only problem is that the Unborn One is immune to the powers of the song so that cannot aid you in his destruction as it did in the last quest. You must enter the Citadel and somehow stop the Unborn One from destroying the South Lands. It doesn't sound too easy, does it? At least you knew that the Silent Song would help you out at the end in the last game. The only problem was getting there!

I found this game to be about the same difficulty level as The Darkest Road, which means that it is not really difficult. Novices might have to stop and think about how to solve such and such a problem, but overall, I don't think the game is very difficult. Having said that, there are one or two things which may not be immediately obvious to some people. But even these become obvious with thought. The problems which have been set are all quite logical.

There are several objects which have been
hidden in the location descriptions, so it is essential to search these locations thoroughly. Some of the objects you will need to find in order to complete the game include an arrow, a vial (and be careful with this!), a stone and a pair of shin-guards! If I can offer one clue — if you want to talk to something in the woods, then make sure it can see that you're green!

One of the things I did like about this game is that when you reach a certain point (when you are South of the Top of the Rift), you can take any one of three routes to the Citadel. Each route presents its own hazards and challenges, so if you Ramsave at the point where you make your choice and then get killed off, you can always Ramload and then try getting to the Citadel by another route. Of course, once you have solved one route, you'll probably want to see what problems the other routes have to offer anyway.

The game area isn't massive — I reckon that there are less than fifty locations, but the game doesn't suffer as a result. If anything, you get to know the playing area pretty well before being ready to try finding the Citadel.

The game has been converted to Amstrad format using the PAW, so it is only available on disc and runs under CPM+ and CPM 2.2. It is in one part and really shouldn't take an eternity to solve.

It was a pleasant change to play a game which made me think, but didn't leave me feeling frustrated because I couldn't see what I was supposed to do next. And, if that isn't enough, there's not a maze in sight — a definite plus point.

Those people out there who have already played The Darkest Road will need no urging to pick up The Unborn One. For those Amstrad owners who still haven't played it, it's still available from Adventure Workshop.

Reviewed by Phill Ramsay, played on the Amstrad CPC


Author: Clive Wilson
Amstrad conversion: Philip M. Reynolds

★ YEAR: 198X

★ LICENCE: ???


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