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The new season is well and truly upon us, so why not brush up on your own footie skills?

Yep. it's footie management time again and, if there are some of you out there thinking: "Oh no, not again!", whether you like it or not, footie management games, indeed, any sport management games, are very, very popular. With that in mind, how does The Match compare against the best of the rest? The answer is very well thank you. Donning your sheepskin jacket once more, your task is to go out there into the hue and cry of top team management, hoping against hope to take your players to the top of Division One and keep them there. As usual with a Cult offering, there is a mammoth amount of choice throughout the game, with 40 teams starting off on the grid, 134 players to pick and choose from, four divisions and the sparkling lights of the league Cup to play for.

It is your job to personally select each player before each match, taking into account their fitness, morale and attitude. Get it all right and you'll be in for a monster performance out on the park. If you don't, you could be sorely disappointed in your latest proteges. Using some smart graphics, you can view each match, taking in an ongoing assessment of each of your players performances, sitting back after a good performance to take in your rivals'results on the old teletype.

Use your coaches and spies wisely to poach up and coming players to boost your squad, train them hard and pick the right formation to succeed.

On top of all that, you must also keep your ey eon the old bank balance, juggling your gate money against transfer deals to stay on top at all times. After all, there is the Manager of the Year prize to fight for at the end of the season.

With the editor option, as well as the ability to save and load games, The Match is one of those offerings which will have you coming back for more at all times. If you thinkyou've just made alousy managerial decision, save the game and go off somewhere to ponder your mistake.

A well-earned break should allow you to get that flash of inspiration to put things right again.

One important thing to remember, the crowd does not like boring football. Inject some excitement into your winning team and your attendances will soar, much needed to boost your spending power.

All in all, The Match is yet another excellent strategy game from the Cult stable, with plenty to offer and more than enough options to keep you busy for a fair old time. Go on, treat yourself and get wheeling and dealing now.

Martin Winfield, ACU #9110

(c) CULT

Author: Nick Thompson

★ YEAR: 1991


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