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The Jade Stone is one of the latest titles from Adventure Workshop. It is a two-part game and I would say one aimed towards intermediate adventurers. Having said that, the problems set are not so difficult that you will have no clue about how to solve them. The game has been converted to Amstrad format using the PAW, so is only available on disc and runs under CPM.

You become Amanda, the daughter of Lord Senda. You are engaged to Amanton, who is attractive enough but, all in all, a bit of a wimp. Now Amanton was stupid enough to believe that he could prevent Mallumo of Kradoon (the local baddie) from going to war with your father.

Needless to say, Amanton wasn't seen after he had made this attempt. The first news that was heard of him came from a Putron (servant of Mallumo) who delivered a ransom note to your father. It seemed that Amanton managed to fail in his quest (not surprisingly).

Mallumo's ransom note offered your father a choice. He could free Amanton by giving to Mallumo either his kingdom, or his daughter — you! Your father isn't the kind of man to give up either without a good fight, nor to ignore such an insult as Mallumo has given him. Before anyone realised what he was doing, your father had marched off, mumbling in that incoherent way which meant he was really annoyed. Soon after, he could be heard yelling, "CALL OUT THE ARMY!" in his most commanding tones. It was obvious to all that Lord Senda would allow nothing to divert him from his present course of action.
Now, one of your father's closest advisors, Sajo, confided in you that your father, despite his bravery and cunning, stood no chance of overcoming Mallumo. He is certain that there is more to the threat that Mallumo suddenly represents than meets the eye.

Sajo is convinced that only the legendary Jade Stone would be powerful enough to defeat Mallumo... but who could seek it? Well, as there isn't anyone else knocking about to take the job on, you decide to take on the task. After all, you can't allow your father to take all those risks, knowing that he cannot succeed.

Sajo holds some useful information, although getting it out of him might be a little difficult if you don't ask him the right question to start with. He also vyanders around a little, so it's a good idea to make sure that lie's still there before you start talking to him. Bear in mind the object of your quest. You need some hints about the Jade Stone, where to look, who to trust and who will help.

There are many objects littered around and concealed in the castle, so it's very much a case of making a map and examining everything. In at least one location you have to make use of an object to find another, so it is as well to try everything.

Having collected all the necessary objects in the castle then you will move out to the big, wide world to obtain even more. All the problems here are quite logical, but one or two might make you think for a while. However, if you have obtained the correct objects, the answers will become apparent. In this part of the adventure, helping.

Reviewed by Phill Ramsay, played on the Amstrad


Written and designed by Linda Wright
Amstrad conversion by Philip Reynolds

★ YEAR: 19XX
★ LICENCE: ???


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