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It is many years now since the death of King Arthur and the dissolution of the Knights of the Round Table who dispensed on Arthurs behalf truth and justice throughout the land (well, a version of it at any rate).

Drowning your sorrows one evening in "The Jolly Leper" - lovely name for a pub, don't you think? - you perhaps have a few too many Eventually, on leaving e phantasm appears in front of you. and proclaims himself to be.....no, not King Arthur, nor one of his knights, but the next best thing. Merlin, the Great Magician. (Modesty never was one of his strong points.)

He explains to you that he was bewitched by Nimue , the Lady of the Lake, and imprisoned within the Crystal Cavern. If , Merlin suggests you were to take a break from the every day boredom of humdrum events and turn your not inconsiderable skills to rescuing him he would reward you with riches beyond your wildest dreams He needs his five magical artifacts to be returned to him; his cloak, wand, shoes, hat and grimoire.

Unfortunately although your skills are considerable they are in fields other than rescuing Great Magicians who had got themselves imprisoned within Crystal Caverns But the sound of riches does sound intriguing.

So thinking upon this you start your journey home when suddenly, a phantasm appears in front of you. A feeling of deja vu is not an outrageous reaction; but these phantasms seem to be a Irttle like public transport You won't see one for years then two will come at once

Anyway, this phantasm takes the form of a beautiful woman it is none other than Nimue , Lady of the Lake. She tells you that if you attempt to find the Crystal Cavern, she will curse your father, and no doubt do a few unpleasant things to you which will interfere with your reproductive ability. However. The says that you must learn the truth if you are to meet her. eventually, on the Isle of Avalon.

Not the most lucid of characters, these phantasms. I suppose il comes from living in the realms of wizardry.

Even so this does not prevent you, the next day, from setting out on the quest...

And you move into a quite well thought-out game with many problems There are several occasions when there are plays on words which will make you groan out loud My particular favourite was when you had to SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE to continue on. The solution was so obvious that it was obscure.

There are lots of objects to collect and to manipulate and I don't recall there being a weight limit, but that doesn't mean that there isn't one...

You will eventually find your way to a boat - but you will have to pass an ugly gargoyle who won't let you proceed and once past him a stone demon who will tear you to ribbons. Now neither of these problems are really difficult, but. of course a problem only becomes difficult if you can t solve it I found the solutions quite logical and obvious with a little thought.

Having got past these problems you will find a boat which sails or, a sea o' Time and you wilt get the opportunity to travel into the future or to trie past (Arthur s Time! I found it a little incongruous to find a signpost in the middle of the sea pointing to which Time Period I wanted to visit but I suppose within the realms of Time such paradoxes are allowed It was helpful to have my way signposted, for a change.

Travelling to the future was rather a disappointment to me. It seems that there has been some kind of holocaust, or nuclear accident The radiation levels are extremely high and you only have a limited amount of time to find some way of protecting yourself. Isn't that always the way?

There are yet more objects to find and a very irritating bunch of rats who don't want to let you pass In fact, they'd much rather bite you to death (come back the Black Knight, all is forgiven).

Eventually, you will return to the boat and visit Arthur s time period Here you will meet a dentist, who was also the official torturer. He needs you to enter the castle for him, and to return his plaque to him. I'm making no comment about that one.

The castle guards will not allow you to enter unless you show some respect and then, at least, you will be allowed to explore the castle and perhaps find a few items which are needed in your quest.

Returning to your own time period via the boat you will need to find a bridge guarded by a very friendly Troll (that must be a first), and the nugget you obtain will not want to be parted from you.

To make up for the friendly Troll, not too tar away is a chimera a nasty chimera an adventurer-hating, nasty chimera, I checked in my Adventurers Encyclopaedia For Avoiding Big and Nasty Monsters at this point and the advice printed was CHIMERA : How to get past: You don't Run Like buggery

Other adventurers might find that more helpful than I did However, there is a way past...

You will encounter Morgan Le Fay a little later, who needs a little help from you and will provide a much-needed object in return, and then you might just be ready for the climax to the game.

But then again, you may not.

Overall, the game isn't terribly difficult and novices might do well to give the game a try More experienced adventurers shouldn't have too many problems and should enjoy the problems which have been set This version has been written with the Amstrad version of The Quill, and so is available on disc and tape Amstrad & Spectrum versions available from The Adventure Workshop.

Reviewed by Phill Ramsay on an Amstrad CPC


Author: Harry Capeling

PRICE: £4 (disc) ; £2 (tape)

★ YEAR: 19XX


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