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Just about everything gets cashed-in on these days, so when Halley's comet came around Firebird jumped on the bandwagon. Unfortunately they left their jumping a little late and the real comet had been and gone in the time it took them to write the game.

True to standard Firebird form Comet is available across a range of machines, the Amstrad version being one of the best. The scenario is like this. You are the ship's computer, piloting a manned probe to explore the comet. This consists of five simple games. You only get one life and have to win 20 games before you reach the comet. These are selected at random from the five types.

Your first task is to stop the dreaded germ bags from contaminating the oxygen supply. This is an asteriodsesque game. Your weapon is a spiked spinner which destroys the bags. There is a time limit which ticks away in large numbers as you try to grab the bags. The joystick control is good and the sprites fairly smooth. Early on this is a very simple game but as you progress the number of bags to catch multiplies without an increase in time.
One of the problems the real comet probe had to cope with was getting signals back to Earth. If the antenna had moved away from the receiving aerial the spacecraft would have lost touch. This would make it impossible to direct the antenna back on course and all that lovely data would have been lost.

In the game you are operating the dish from inside the craft-as it gets knocked by the lumps of stuff flying off the comet you have to redirect the antenna to give the best possible signal. This is done against a very rapid clock. Working the aerial is perhaps the most boring of the games.
The most confusing is the game where you have to control the life support system. Like Amstrad User this spaceship needs a constant supply of coffee to keep going. The well being indicator shows how happy you are while the bladder indicator shows if you need a "P".

Originality is not Comet's long suit, one of the best games is a version of Missile Command. The Earth's defence system has decided that you are a threat and has launched an attack. Your ship sits in the middle of the screen and the missiles come at you from all sides. You can fire anti-missile missiles. These cause an explosion to destroy the incoming assailants. There is a fair bit of inertia to the joystick control and you can't move your sights over your ship.

The fifth game is a little like the android control section in Paradroid, an excellent Commodore 64 game from Hewson. (Good grief, we'll be doing adverts for Sinclair games next -Ed.) You have to repair some circuits inside the computer by matching a binary pattern. To do this you have to send signals through wires.

When you reach the comet you have the usual task of saving humanity. This takes the form of destroying more germ bags. Your bullets are little stars. The comet surface bubbles and rotates - destroy enough germ bags and the world will be saved.

ACU #8606


AUTEUR: Andrew Glaister

★ YEAR: 1986


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