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Well, after your heroics in Tulgey Woods (reviewed way back in AA54 - Balg), the light introduction to the eight-part saga of Superstition -the Covenant, you go boldly on to face the second challenge. This time you must seek out and destroy Gremold the stone wizard to free the land of Zar. Ahead lie many tough obstacles and puzzles, so don't expect The Chaos Maze to be easy!

Chaos Maze is a HUGE GACed game from Len Townsend (Author of Tulgey Woods, Twelve Lost Souls and Labyrinth Hall, all of which are now available from Adventure PD). It contains roughly 660 locations, with a picture for every room! The plot, although slightly unoriginal, is imaginative and easy to follow. The puzzles in the game are quite hard and some are a touch illogical.

Although Chaos Maze is a very well-produced game, there are a few certain quirks lying around in there. If you are a die-hard text-only fan, then turning off the graphics will probably be your first command... Unfortunately, though, the graphics are very important in some places, as certain locations have special markings scattered around in the graphic. Switching them off would effectively mean that ifs impossible to complete.

Once you have been playing the game for some time, it begins to get too repetitive and confusing to persevere with. Also, while I praise the clever method of cramming in the graphics, from what I have seen there are only around eight or nine different pictures used. Each one is used over again in separate rooms. Though I understand that it wouldn't have been possible to have a unique picture for each location it would have been nice to have more variety!

Even if you do begin to enjoy the game, there seems to be a bug later on which prevents you from proceeding any further! This is a shame as it has meant I have not been able to complete the game and may mean that the game is uncompletable.

Overall, potentially a very good game, especially with the extensive use of graphics. But the puzzles are slightly illogical and the programming is quite scrappy.

A commendable effort by Len, but Chaos Mase is let down by lack of real content.



AUTHOR: Leonard V. TOWNSEND with the Graphic Adventure Creator (Written by Sean T. Ellis during 1985 and published by Incentive Software)

★ YEAR: 19XX


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