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It is six months since you, Mike Erlin, found the Starship "Galaxis" and opened up the Universe foi exploration and colonisation by mankind Already several sister ships are being constructed in space docks in Earth orbit and you are proud to have been prompted to the rank of Captain, and will be given command if the first of these starships, which wil! be called the "Christopher Columbus" In the meantime, you have enjoyed some est and recouperation after your exploits leading up to the discovery of "Galaxis" This R & R came to an abrupt halt when the news came through on emergency communications channels that the "magnetic" moon Psia had been raided by Space Pirates, comrades of those who you gassed in the underground installation, and the High Priestess of the Psian people , Jaelaine , kidnapped!

When you arrived on Psia, the Space Patrol informed you that the raid caught the meagre defenses unawares, as they never dreamt that the Space Pirates would be ruthless enough to mount a revenge raid upon the moon. They have concluded that the raid was carried out for one purpose only - that of kidnapping Jaelaine - as surprisingly little damage was done to the installation or to the underground city where the Psian people live However a number of Federation personnel and Psians lost their lives something for which the Space Patrol intended persuing the Space Pirates for, as well as rescuing Jaelaine.

Once again, the Space Pirates managed to elude the two small ships that chased them as they made their getaway from Psia, and it is not known where they took Jaelaine However, two of the Space Pirates lost their lost their lives during the raid, one of whom took his own life after being wounded and subsequently captured. As a matter of routine the bodies were searched and the only clue the Space Patrol found was a cigarette lighter one of the pirates had in his pocket This lighter had on it an advertising slogan for a fitness gymnasium in the chief city of the planet Daris, a planet several parsecs from Earth in a sparsely populated section of the galaxy Other information that a tattoo on the arms of both the pirates revealed was that they were part of a galaxy-wide terrorist organisation known as "The Brotherhood of Space".

A conference was held in which a plan of action was discussed With so little to go on. the Patrol was reluctant to mount an action against this planet, but you volunteered to go alone to the planet to try and find out where Jaelaine is really being held The Patrol agree and provided you with false ID papers your name is too well-known to risk going yourself They also announced their intention to send out a Small fleet of assault ships to the region of empty space near Daris. supposedly to undertake excenses The Commander of the fleet tells you to try to contact them - using the codename WOTAN - when (and if) you have located Jaelaine Vou were told to use the codename MERLIN with which to identify yourself

You decided to travel to Dans by regular interstellar passenger ship flights, to avoid any secret agents the pirates might have working for them, and three weeks later, after a pleasant vovage on the Orion Spacelines passenger ship "Valkyrie'" you find yourself standing in the arrivals hall of Dausopolis shuttle port wondering what dangers lie before you .


Available Now on Disc only for CP/M+ and CP/M 2.2 Priced £5.00


Author: Larry Horsfield

★ PRICES: £5 (Disc/The Adventure Workshop)

★ YEAR: 19XX


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