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In this two part adventure you play the part of Jack Williams chief crime reporter on the Daily News Your editor, it seems has been approached by Interpol whose investigations into how ancient Egyptian artefacts have been found for sale in London antique shops seems to point to a previously undiscovered tomb in the Valley of the King being opened and robbed of its treasures. As there is to be a convention (no - no! of adventurers!) of archaeologists in the area they have asked your editor if he could send someone to Egypt, who d be willing to meet with their agent, and help with his investigations. You, it seems are that "someone" lucky you' - you are given a letter of identification and a plane ticket for Cairo.

You begin the adventure in the street with your bungalow to the east and the avenue heading north. After collecting a few belongings from your bungalow you soon find yourself in a taxi heading for the airport. After waiting a while in the Departure Lounge, your flight is called and you board the place bound for Cairo.

The flight for Cairo however is far from uneventful, and if you don't find the means (pretty quickly) to solving an explosive problem, you'll come to a very sticky end - not a case of "Hi-Jack" , more a case of “Bye bye Jack'' (I wanted to cause a panic on the plane but was prevented from doing so, which I think is pretty mean of Peter don't you? After all , why should you have to panic all alone?)

Once your plane's safely landed , you'll soon find out just how safe(?) Cairo's taxis are , My Egyptian must be really rusty, cos I certainly wasn't taken to my hotel - which is where I asked to be “dropped off". Instead I ended up in a store-room, after somehow being knocked out - minus my suitcase, and my letter. (Next time I'll take the bus).

Once out of the store-room, you'll find yourself in some narrow alleyways, which should lead you to a Night Club Once you've managed to gain entry, you'll have to find some means of dealing with an Arab if you want to investigate the contents of a safe don't stay too long in the Gambling den though, or your presence will be discovered A secret room will open out into a chamber where a steel door will have to be opened (somehow) in order for you to reach the market place

Once there you will see an old “friend''. your taxi driver. and he's still holding your case -the thief! Once you've got your belongings back and been allowed to enter the Hotel you'I1l meet the Interpol agent Showing him your letter of identification will bring you to the end of part one.

At the beginning of part two, you'll be told by the agent that a car has been hired for you , and a kit has been purchased, and left in your room. He suggests that you should drive out to The Valley of the Kings in the morning, and using the excuse of taking photos, try to discover the identity of Mr. Big

He gives you your room key , suggests you have a good night's sleep, and leaves you.

Once in your room, you prepare for bed , and , providing you've taken all the right steps, you should have a trouble-free night.

After being given the keys to your car the next morning, you leave the hotel. Don't be in too much of a hurry to go racing off into the desert though, or you could have all sorts of trouble later on in the adventure. (I certainly did. didn't I Peter?) Driving through the desert you notice signs of excavations and stop the car to investigate.

Walking over the dunes you are surprised to find some buildings, a wooden shed and a couple of caves, one of which is sealed by a metallic sheet. Searching the bulidings you'II find, amongst other things, a mummy which will (hopefully!) open up and Iet you into a laboratory. There are also bunal chambers to find, as well as a large chasm.

To cross the chasm you have to find out how to operate a "hidden" bridge. (Just how do you "hide" a bridge?) Unfortunately the bridge won't span the chasm for long - not only a "hidden" bridge, but a mean one at that! So, don't delay your crossing. Safely over the bridge, you'll enter yet another chamber but. providing you've searched really well somewhere else you'll have not trouble getting out. Arriving back at the Hotel, with enough evidence for a conviction, and providing you've managed to discover the identity of "Mr. Big", you'll be given the "red carpet" treatment, 'til your return home.

This is another great adventure from Peter, and I really enjoyed playing it. As I said earlier don't be in too much of a hurry at the start of part two. I was and ended up giving poor Pete and Maurice real headaches - sorry guys! I certainly hope it won't be too long 'til we see Jack in yet anotner adventure.

Reviewed by Ellen Mahon on an Amstrad CPC464 (tape)


AUTHOR: Peter Clark

★ PRICES: £5 (PAWed disc version) , £3 (GACed tape version).

★ YEAR: 19XX
★ LICENCE: ???


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