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You've read the book, seen the film, now get bitten by the game. Following the tried and tested axiom of "Make yt mysteryous - myspell yt wyth a Y", 20th Century Fox, in association with Macmillan/Design Design/Piranha (who are especially good at teeth) bring you Nosferatu, the Vampyre.

Count Dracula, the immortal neck nipper, is in town. The town of Wismar, to be precise. Ever mindful of rising house prices, he wishes to buy a small dente-a-terre from Renfield's estate agents, your employers. They send you, Jonathan Harker, to his castle to conclude the sale, but in so doing you inadvertently discover the Count's true identity, that of Bloodsucker and Lifedrainer. The ideal estate agent.

Your sense of civic duty dispels any feelings of kinship you have at this discovery, and you realise that, should the Count move into town, it won't be long before he's a pain in the neck to everyone. And house prices will just plummet.

Quickly you go to the place where you left the deeds to the house. But Nosferatu has grabbed the papers and vanished. And there you stand, alone in the castle at night. You have to find the papers and escape during the day, but against you are the spiders, bats and similar nocturnal vampyrical emissions.

There are a few bits around with which to combat the creepy crawlies, but too much ghostbashing will leave you too weak to escape. During the day, things aren't too bad, but at night the forces of evil are at their most powerful.

Come daybreak the castle doors are unbolted. If you don't have the deeds, but still escape, the Count will have a toehold in town, and that's bound to lead to tears by bedtime. Much better to get the titles before making good your escape, but it's up to you.

The scene changes. Now there's Jonathan, Lucy Harker (wife) and van Helsing (Lucy's brother-in-law) pitted against the Teeth of Terror. Lucy has that special something which is fatal to vampyres (and it's not garlic breath).

Neither of the two males knows of this, and for the moment they are concerned with clearing the town of the vermin introduced by the arrival of Nosferatu. They must also keep the vampyre at bay long enough to drive him to attack Lucy, because only then will they be able to despatch him. They're out for the Count.

Another thing on Nosferatu's mind is the title deeds of that house. If Jonathan managed to relieve him of them in the previous scene, then Draccy might try and get to Renfield, who's had a bad breakdown and is currently residing in the Wismar Laughing Academy. In his current state Renfield might well just hand the deeds over. To prevent this. Jonathan and Co. must keep the place surrounded by garlic cloves. A sort of stake out. At the end, Lucy must be safe in her house, and Nosferatu lured towards her. Lucy must trap the two men, who are still trying to protect her, and try and keep Nosferatu occupied until daybreak, when she can finally destroy him. It ain't gonna be easy. But nobody ever said that estate agents had it easy. Well, they did, but not in Wismar.

ACU #8702

NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE [Nosferatu El Vampiro]

Developper : Design Design
Code: Graham STAFFORD


★ YEAR: 1986

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» Nosferatu  the  Vampyre    SPANISHDATE: 2014-05-10
DL: 96 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 176Ko
NOTE: w790*h1059

» Piranha-Nosferatu-The  Colour  of  MagicDATE: 2010-06-02
DL: 233 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 221Ko
NOTE: w928*h1327

» System  4-Nosferatu  The  Vampyre-Rogue  Trooper-Everyon  s  Wally-Moon  Cresta-Strike  Force  Cobra  RERELEASE  ALTERNATIVE    SPANISHDATE: 2011-02-03
DL: 249 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 252Ko
NOTE: w885*h1292

» ZCobra-Ghosts  n  Goblins-Rogue  Tropper-ACE  1-Spitfire  40-The  Trap  Door-Nosferatus-Trap-Light  Force-Shockway  Rider    SPANISHDATE: 2014-08-29
DL: 179 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 614Ko
NOTE: w1136*h1610

» Zafiro  Software-I  Tu  Mandas-Jefe    SPANISHDATE: 2012-05-28
DL: 1019 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 218Ko
NOTE: w1335*h1846

» Zafiro  SoftwareDATE: 2012-05-28
DL: 879 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 91Ko
NOTE: w970*h1335

» Nosferatu  el  Vampiro    (Release  DISK-ZCOBRA)    SPANISHDATE: 2018-02-18
DL: 24 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 435Ko
NOTE: Scan by Abraxas ; w3013*h1851
» Nosferatu  el  Vampiro    (Release  TAPE-ZAFICHIP)    SPANISHDATE: 2016-09-07
DL: 178 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 209Ko
NOTE: w1600*h999

» Nosferatu  el  Vampiro    (Release  TAPE-ZCOBRA)    SPANISHDATE: 2018-02-03
DL: 44 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 244Ko
NOTE: Scan by Abraxas ; w2177*h1459

» Nosferatu  the  Vampyre    (Release  TAPE)    ENGLISHDATE: 2018-02-18
DL: 23 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 299Ko
NOTE: Scan by Abraxas ; w2170*h1448

» Nosferatu  the  Vampyre    (Rerelease  TAPE-ALTERNATIVE)    ENGLISHDATE: 2017-06-11
DL: 42 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 143Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by CPCLOV ; w1111*h778

» Nosferatu  the  Vampyre    (Rerelease  TAPE-ALTERNATIVE-SYSTEM4)    SPANISHDATE: 2016-10-15
DL: 62 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 194Ko
NOTE: w909*h1420

Dump cassette (version commerciale):
» Nosferatu  the  Vampyre    ENGLISHDATE: 2018-03-14
DL: 138 fois
SIZE: 30Ko
NOTE: Dumped by DLFRSILVER for Loic DANEELS ; CSW2CDT-20170630

Dump disquette (version commerciale):
» Nosferatu  El  Vampiro    (Release  ZAFIRO)    SPANISHDATE: 2017-04-27
DL: 23 fois
SIZE: 35Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by CPCLOV ; 42 Cyls

» Nosferatu  el  Vampiro    (Release  DISC-ZAFIRO)    SPANISHDATE: 2017-12-19
DL: 24 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 367Ko
NOTE: Scan by Abraxas ; w1935*h1165

» Nosferatu  the  Vampyre    (Release  TAPE)    ENGLISHDATE: 2017-12-19
DL: 52 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 136Ko
NOTE: Scan by Abraxas ; w1223*h776

» Nosferatu  the  Vampyre    (Rerelease  TAPE-ALTERNATIVE)    ENGLISHDATE: 2016-09-07
DL: 37 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 33Ko
NOTE: Scan by Loic Daneels ; w598*h733

» Nosferatu  the  Vampyre    (Rerelease  TAPE-ALTERNATIVE-SYSTEM4)    SPANISHDATE: 2016-09-25
DL: 40 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 29Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by hERMOL ; w798*h534

Other platform tool:
» Graham  Games-Nosferatu    SOURCEPACKDATE: 2013-09-08
DL: 68 fois
SIZE: 111Ko

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