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2017-01-13Compilation: Les Maîtres Ninja
Last Ninja 2+Double Dragon 1
2017-01-13Compilation: 12 Jeux Exceptionnels
Douze Jeux Exceptionnels
Maitres de L'universe+Mask 1+Cybernoid 1+Blood Brothers+Exolon+Marauder+Venom Strikes Back+Ranarama+Deflektor+North Star+Hercules+Nebulus
Gremlin Graphics1988
2017-01-13Compilation: Addicted to Fun - Ninja Collection
Double Dragon 1+Shadow Warriors+Dragon Ninja
2017-01-13Compilation: Arcade Collection vol 1Players1990
2017-01-13Compilation: Arcade Collection vol 2Players1990
2017-01-13Compilation: Arcade Collection vol 3
Dizzy Dice+Street Cred Football+Into the Eagle's Nest
2017-01-12Compilation: Multimixx 4
Gauntlet 1+Gauntlet The Deeper Dungeons+Gauntlet 2
2017-01-12Compilation: Multimixx 5
Monty On the Run+Jack the Nipper 2+Auf Wiedersehen Monty
2017-01-12Compilation: Micro Club (Out Run+Road Blasters)ERBE Software / USGold1991
2017-01-12Compilation: Zeppelin 4x4 Combat Pack #3
Spaghetti Western Simulator+2088+Ninja Commando+Bionic Ninja
Zeppelin Games199x
2017-01-11Compilation: Arcade Force Four
Road Runner+Metrocross+Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom+Gauntlet 1
2017-01-10Compilation: Adventure PD199x
2017-01-05Compilation: Pack FIL n?
Enlightenment Druid II+Wonder Boy+Gee Bee Air Rally+Sentinel
2017-01-01Compilation: Woolworths Bumper Pack
Mega Apocalypse+Sai Combat+Flunky+Dark Fusion+Throne Of Fire
Elite / Woolworths198x
2016-12-26Compilation: ¡Busca la Accion!
Pack Xam
Zafiro Software19xx
2016-12-22Compilation: Master 2000
3D Grand Prix+Navy Moves+Skateball+Game Over 2+Exolon+TT_Racer+Star Wars
Ubi Soft198x
2016-12-22Compilation: Skateball Collection
Live And Let Die+Skateball+Navy Moves+Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix+Pacmania+Battle Ships
Ubi Soft198x
2016-12-21Compilation: Special Hits
Wild Streets+Titan+Super Ski 1+Crazy Cars 1+Gazza's Super Soccer+Pipe mania
2016-12-21Compilation: Chip Pack 2Chip1986
2016-12-21Compilation: Battle Stations
Operation Wolf+Typhoon+Guerrilla War
2016-12-18Compilation: Go!
Out Board+Toyota Celica+Harricana+Turbo Cup
2016-12-15Compilation: The Trap Door+Through The Trapdoor - Two games on one cassetteAlternative Software198x
2016-12-10Compilation: Sonderheft 3/86CPC Amstrad International1986
2016-12-06Compilation: Micro Club (Night Raider+Vigilante)USgold / ERBE Software / Micro Club199x
2016-12-05Compilation: Micro Club (Gauntlet 1+Gauntlet 2)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2016-11-11Compilation: Les Lauréats
Silent Service+Cauldron 2+Green Beret
Tilt / Hitsquad1986
2016-11-03Compilation: Amstrad Action Covertape #086 - Action Pack #20 (November 1992)
Glider Rider
Amstrad Action / Future Publishing1992
2016-11-03Compilation: Chart Busters
Dan Dare 1+Agent X 2+Ghostbusters 1+Kane+The Way of the Exploding Fist+Harvey Headbanger+War Cars Construction Set+Ninja Master+Thrust 1+Park Patrol+L.A. SWAT+zolyx+Rasputin+Olli and Lissa the Ghost of Shilmoore castle+Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge+Tau Ceti+I Ball 1
Beau Jolly19xx
2016-11-03Compilation: Burning Rubber
2016-10-31Compilation: Megaplay Volume 2
Bronx Street Cop+Jungle Warfare+F-16 Fighting Falcon+Billy the Kid+American Turbo King
2016-10-28Compilation: Navy Moves Doble Edicion
Navy Moves+Army Moves
2016-10-26Compilation: Amstrad Anthology volume 2Amstrad Computer User198x
2016-10-26Compilation: Amstrad Anthology volume 1
Jack and the Beanstalk+Roland takes a Running Jump+The Monster's Final Hour+Life+Missile Attack+Frantic Freddy+3D Maze+Electric Fencing+Electric Eddy
Amstrad Computer User1986
2016-10-26Compilation: Supreme Challenge
The Sentinel+Star Glider+Elite+Ace 2+Tetris
2016-10-23Compilation: Imagine's Arcade Giants
Arkanoid 1+Galivan+Slap Flight+Mag Max+Game Over 1
Imagine Software19xx
2016-10-19Compilation: Opera Storys
The Last Mission+Livingstone Supongo 1+Cosa Nostra+Goody
Opera Soft198x
2016-10-19Compilation: Summer Pack
Corsarios+Livingstone Supongo 2+Mot
Opera Soft1990
2016-10-18Compilation: The Lineker CollectionGremlin Graphics / Kixx1992
2016-10-14Compilation: Micro Club 8
Street Fighter+Tiger Road
Micro Club1990
2016-10-04Compilation: Amstrad Action Covertape #083 - Actionpack #17 (August 1992)
Defenter of the Earth+Drehdriss+Supersonic+Croco Magneto
Amstrad Action / Future Publishing1992
2016-10-03Compilation: Commando+Scooby-DooMCM / Elite1989
2016-09-28Compilation: PAK - 2game-pack
2016-09-26Compilation: Total Eclipse Special EditionIncentive Software / Domark1989
2016-09-25Compilation: Barbarian II Compilation BCA Exclusive PackPalace Software / B.C.A199x
2016-09-25Compilation: Crazy Cars II Compilation BCA Exclusive PackTitus / B.C.A199x
2016-09-18Compilation: 3 As Coffret Cadeau
La Malediction de Thaar+Gorbaf Le Viking+Graph Pack
Coktel Vision198x
2016-09-18Compilation: Compil'Action
Duel 2000+James Debug dans le Mystère de l'ile Perdue+Operation Nemo
Coktel Vision19xx
2016-09-13Compilation: Micro Club (Green Beret+Combat School)Micro Club / ERBE Software1990
2016-09-13Compilation: 10 Computer Hits Vol 3
Herbers Dummy Run+Hi-Rise+On the Run+Devil's Crown+Wriggler+Dynamite Dan 1+Elidon+Juggernaut+Geoff Capes Strongman+Cauldron 1
Beau Jolly1986
2016-09-10Compilation: Zeppelin 4x4 Hit Pack #1
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager+Rally Simulator+Para Assault Course+Mazie
Zeppelin Games199x
2016-09-10Compilation: Zeppelin 4x4 Hit Pack #2
Monument+Sabotage+Las Vegas Casino+Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge
Zeppelin Games199x
2016-09-06Compilation: Codemasters Megastar Quattro Vol 16Codemasters19xx
2016-09-06Compilation: Indescomp Obsequio 1Disco
Pyjamarama+Roland in el Spacio+Campeones+Pintor de Numeros+Strangeloop
2016-09-05Compilation: Straight Six
Soccer+Mgt+3D Fight+Billy+Flash+Zox 2099
2016-09-05Compilation: Les Fanatiques
Crafton & Xunk+Fire & Forget+Titan+Superski+500cc Grand Prix+Captain Blood
2016-09-05COMPILATION: Virtual Worlds
Total Eclipse+Driller+Castle Master 1+Castle Master 2
Domark / Incentive Software1991
2016-09-05Compilation: Lo Mejor de Dinamic
Freddy Hardest+Game Over 1+Basket Master+Army Moves+Phantis+Turbo Girl
2016-09-04Compilation: 2 por 1 (Mad Mix Game+Black Beard)ERBE Software / Dinamic19xx
2016-09-04Compilation: Hollywood featuring Batman and the Untouchables
Batman 3: the Movie+The Untouchables
2016-09-04Compilation: 6 Computer Hits Vol 2
Android 2+World Cup+Moon Buggy+Technician Ted+Super Pipeline 2
Beau Jolly1985
2016-09-03Compilation: 4x1 Cuatro por Uno
Abu Simbel Profanation+Cobra's Arc+Phantomas 2+Camelot Warriors
2016-09-02Compilation: Big Box 30 Mega GamesBeau Jolly198x
2016-08-31Compilation: Les Hits 3 de Loriciels
Tony Truand+Empire+L'aigle D'or
2016-08-30Compilation: Sélection Or: Grand Prix Du Jeu Loriciels
L'aigle D'or+Le 5eme Axe+M.G.T+Sapiens
2016-08-28Compilation: Top Action
Pick'n Pile+Permis de Tuer+Strike Force Harrier+Hard Drivin'+Operation Hormuz+Tarzan
UBI Soft199x
2016-08-28Compilation: Livret de Famille
Le Manoir de Mortevielle+Rody et Mastico 1+Troubadours
2016-08-28Compilation: Ere Hits Volume 1
Mission 2+Pacific+Macadam Bumper
ERE Informatique1987
2016-08-13Compilation: Air Combat Aces
Spitfire 40+Fighter bomber+Flight Simulator+Gee Bee Air Rally+Gunship
UBI Soft1992
2016-08-12Compilation: Soccer Double 3
Euro Boss+European Champions
Challenge Software1991
2016-08-08Compilation: Metal Action
AMC+La Aventura Original+After the War+Freddy Hardest 1+Satan
2016-08-08Compilation: Best Of Volume 2
Le Nécromancien+Zombi+Tetris+Football Manager 2+Hotshot
Ubi Soft198x
2016-07-25Compilation: Micro Club 12
Ace Of Aces+Infiltrator
Micro Club / Usgold1990
2016-07-25Compilation: Amstrad Gold Hits 1
Beach Head 2+Raid Over Moscow+Daley Thompson's Supertest+Alien 8
2016-07-25Compilation: Amstrad Gold Hits 2
Avenger+Breakrhru!+Desert Fox+Konami's Golf+The Goonies
2016-07-25Compilation: Micro Club 11
Bubble Bobble+Flying Shark
Micro Club / Ocean1990
2016-07-24Compilation: Double Action
Wec Le Mans+Daley Thompson+Double Dragon 1+The Real Ghostbusters
2016-07-22Compilation: Amstrad Magazine 24-25-26Amstrad Magazine1987
2016-07-22Compilation: Amstrad Magazine 21-22-23Amstrad Magazine1987
2016-07-22Compilation: Amstrad Magazine 12-13-14Amstrad Magazine1986
2016-07-22Compilation: Amstrad Magazine 06-07-08Amstrad Magazine1986
2016-06-28Compilation: Chip (Penggy+Python)CHIP1986
2016-06-27COMPILATION: Power Up
Altered Beast+Rainbow Islands+X-Out+Chase HQ+Turrican 1
2016-06-16Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Deflektor+Masters of the Univers)ERBE Software19xx
2016-06-16Compilation: Arcade Hits 5
F16 Combat Pilot+Grand Prix 500 2+Double Dragon 2: The Revenge+Manchester United+Licence To Kill
UBI Soft1993
2016-06-16Compilation: Arcade Hits 4
Arcade Hits IV
Buggy Boy+Tetris+Thundercats+Beyond the Ice Palace+Battle Ships
Elite / Mirrorsoft
2016-06-15Compilation: Fantastic 4
180 Darts+Rasterscan+Colony+Zub
2016-06-07COMPILATION: 50 Games Disk
Disk 50
Maze Eater+Cyclons+Handicap Golf+Rush Hour Attack+Royal Rescue+Star Trek+Whirly+Attacker+Fighter Command+Draughts+Evasive Action+Noughts and Crosses+The King's Orb+Play Hi/Low+Exchange+Hangman+Pontoon Bet+Fireman Rescue+3D Maze+Colony 9+Backgammon+Solit+Yamzee+Craps+Three Card Brag+Trucking+Rally 3000+Sitting Target+Nemesis IV+Spaceship+Jet Flight+Dragona Maze+Intruder+Inferno+Ghosts+Fantasy+Space Base+Planets+Hopping Herbert+Dynamite+Timebomb+Day at the Races+Lunar Landing+Space Mission+Rats+Motorway+Dungeon Adventure+Space Pod Rescue+High Rise+Creepy Crawley
Cascade Games1986
2016-06-05Compilation: Micro Club 6
Green Beret+Gryzor
Micro Club / Ocean1990
2016-06-05Compilation: Micro Club 4
Enduro Racer+Super Hang On
Micro Club1990
2016-06-03Compilation: Amstrad Take 5
Flight Path 737+Atlantis (anirog)+House of Usher+The Survivor+Moon Buggy
2016-06-01Compilation: The Dream Team
The Simpsons Bart Vs The Space Mutants+Terminator 2+WWF Wrestlemania
2016-06-01Compilation: Air Attack
Spitfire 40+Strike Force Harrier
Alternative Software198x
2016-05-30COMPILATION: Phill Ramsay Collection19xx
2016-05-30Compilation: The Undead & Tommyrot EpochThe Adventure Workshop19xx
2016-05-30Compilation: The Sporting Trio
Football Frenzy+For gold or glory+Cricket Crazy
2016-05-30Compilation: The Charles Sharp Collection
The Key to Paradox+Werewolf Simulator+Jolly Poppa Down+Druids Moon+A.R.E.N.A
2016-05-26Compilation: TNT 1
Compilation: T.N.T 1
Hard Drivin'+Dragon Spirit+APB: All Points Bulletin+Toobin'+Xybots
Domark / Tengen / namco / Atari Games1990
2016-05-26Compilation: Konami's Arcade Collection
Konami: la Collection
Pack Grandes Exitos de Konami
Jail Break+Green Beret+Yie Ar Kung Fu 1+Yie Ar Kung Fu 2+Konami Ping Pong+Mikie+Jackal+Hypersports+Shao Lin's Road+Nemesis
Imagine Software1988
2016-05-26Compilation: 4 Most Horror
The Rocky Horror Show+Nosferatu the Vampyre+Mr Weems and the She Vampires+NEIL Android
Alternative Software19xx
2016-05-26Compilation: Popeye the Collection
Popeye 1+Popeye 2+Popeye 3: Wrestle Crazy
Alternative Software1992

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.