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2020-06-12Compilation: Schneider Magazin Public Domain Disk 4Schneider Magazin1988
2020-06-12Compilation: Schneider Magazin Public Domain Disk 3Schneider Magazin1988
2020-06-12Compilation: Schneider Magazin Public Domain Disk 1Schneider Magazin1988
2020-06-12Compilation: Schneider Magazin Public Domain Disk 2Schneider Magazin1988
2020-05-31Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Arcade
Pinball Simulator+3D Starfighter+Grand Prix Simulator 2+Fruit Machine Simulator
2020-05-28Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 7/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-28Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 6/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-28Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 5/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-28Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 4/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-26Compilation: La Mega Compil
Turbo Cup+Sapiens+Skweek+Maracaibo+Mobileman+Bumpy+Zox 2099+Cobra+Bactron+Aigle d Or+Kya+Billy II+Billy la Banlieue+Mach 3+5eme Axe+Foot+Tennis 3D+Rally II+3D Fight+Infernal Runner+Charly Diams+Mata Hari+Mission+Fusion 2
2020-05-24Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 3/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-24Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 2/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-24Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 1/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-24Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Renegade+Wizball)ERBE Software19xx
2020-05-22Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 12/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 11/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 10/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 6/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 8/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 7/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 5/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 4/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 3/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 2/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 1/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 12/85CPC Magazin1985
2020-05-18Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC 30CPC Magazin1985
2020-05-18Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC 20CPC Magazin1985
2020-05-18Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC 10CPC Magazin1985
2020-05-12Compilation: La Compile Micro Fun Radio 2
Kick Off 2+Great Courts+3D Grand Prix+Grand Prix 500 II
Ubi Soft1992
2020-05-02Compilation: Mega-Hot
The MEGA-HOT Collection
ATV Simulator+Advanced Pinball Simulator+BMX Simulator+Professional Tennis Simulator+Fruit Machine Simulator 1+Mig 29 Soviet Fighter+Grand Prix Simulator 1
2020-04-13Compilation: Fantastic Four
Cockaigne+Terranaut I+Fruits+Terranaut II
2020-04-13Compilation: Fantastic FourMastertronic198x
2020-03-20Compilation: Amstrad Espana Obsequio
Fruit Machine+Amsdraw I+Procesador de Texto+La Plaga Galactica+El Laberinto del Sultan+Animal Vegetable Mineral+Almirante Graf Spee
Amstrad Espana / Indescomp1985
2020-03-20Compilation: Your Computer 1Sintax / Your Computer198x
2020-03-18Compilation: Pack Monstruo
Army Moves+Highway Encounter+Dustin+Livingstone Supongo 1
2020-03-18Compilation: Your Computer 7
The Guardian+Oddyssey+Trail Bikes+Pinout+Hi-Res Draw
2020-03-18Compilation: Your Computer 6Sintax / Your Computer198x
2020-03-18Compilation: Your Computer 5Sintax / Your Computer198x
2020-03-18Compilation: Your Computer 4Sintax / Your Computer198x
2020-03-18Compilation: Your Computer 3Sintax / Your Computer198x
2020-03-18Compilation: Your Computer 2
Maggot Splat+Amstrad Jumper+RSX Background Music+RSX Extra Power+Time Bomb
Sintax / Your Computer198x
2020-03-18Compilation: The James Bond Collection
La Collection James Bond
Live And Let Die+Licence To Kill+James Bond 007: The Spy Who Loved Me
2020-03-18Compilation: Master Games - Amstrad Academy
Zorro+Bruce Lee+The Dam Busters+Bounty Bob Strikes Back
2020-03-17Compilation: Coin-op Hits
Out Run+Spy Hunter+Thunder Blade+Road Blasters+Bionic Commando
2020-03-17Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 13
4 Soccer Simulators+Pro Boxing Simulator+750cc Grand Prix+Pro Golf Simulator
2020-03-17Compilation: Codemasters Megastar Quattro Vol 14
Magicland Dizzy
2020-03-17Compilation: Les Justiciers 2
Les Justiciers II
2020-03-17Compilation: Sega Arcade Turbo
Super Wonderboy In Monsterland+Turbo Out Run+Crack Down+Thunder Blade
Usgold / Sega19xx
2020-03-17Compilation: Les Fous du Volant
A.P.B+Action Fighter+Aspar GP Master+Buggy Boy+TT Racer+Buggy 2
UBI Soft1990
2020-03-17Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 9: Turbo Power
Moto X+Grand Prix 2+Italian Super Car+Twin Turbo V8
2020-03-17Compilation: Red Dynamite Pack
Mambo+Ruler Of The World+Kung Fu Warrior+African Trail Simulator+Mountain Bike Racer
2020-03-17Compilation: Le Monde des Merveilles
Rainbow Islands+Bubble Bobble+Super Wonderboy in Monsterland+The New Zealand Story
2020-03-17Compilation: Ere Hits Volume 2
Crafton et Xunk 1+Sai Combat+Eden Blues+Robbbot
ERE Informatique1987
2020-03-17Compilation: Ere Hits Volume 3
Tensions+Contamination+Stryfe+Despotik Design
ERE Informatique1987
2020-02-23Atari Adventures of 1983
Chateau Gaillard+The Citadel of Pershu+The Aftermath of the Asimovian Disaster+Werewolves and Wanderer - Improved version
2020-02-22Compilation: Gamebox 2DMV-Verlag19xx
2020-02-22Compilation: Gamebox 1DMV-Verlag19xx
2020-02-18Compilation: Databox 04/05 '91DMV-Verlag / PC Amstrad International1991
2020-02-16Compilation: Pack Educatif-3
2020-02-16Compilation: Pack Educatif-4
Maths-4+Anglais 4e/3e+Grammaire 4e/3e
2020-02-16Compilation: Pack Educatif-6
Maths-6+Anglais 6e/5e+Grammaire 6e/5e
2020-02-16Compilation: Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 6Cobra Soft1985
2020-01-04COMPILATION: Power Plays
Nocturne+Corridor Conflict+Timelord+Barrier Reef
Power House198x
2020-01-03Compilation: Flight Ace
Les As du Ciel
ACE 1+Spitfire 40+Strike Force Harrier+Heathrow International Air Traffic Control+ATF+Tomahawk
Star Games1989
2020-01-02Compilation: Micro English 1 and 2LCL1985
2019-12-22Compilation: The Rocky Horror Show+Blade RunnerZafiro Software / CRL1988
2019-12-20Compilation : Reading Pack 1
Splash Down+Firefight
HS Software1989
2019-12-20Compilation : Reading Pack 2
HS Software1989
2019-12-20Compilation: Platinum
Les Chevaliers
Led Storm+Black Tiger+Strider 1+Forgotten Worlds+Ghouls'n Ghosts
2019-12-18Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 10: The Amazing Adventures of Dizzy
Dizzy 1+Dizzy 2: Treasure Island Dizzy+Dizzy 3:Fantasy World Dizzy+FastFood Dizzy
2019-12-15Compilation: World Cup Year 90 Compilation
Kick Off 1+Gary Linekers Hot Shot+Tracksuit Manager
2019-12-14COMPILATION: Time And Magik
Lords Of Time+Red Moon+the Price Of Magik
Level 9 / Mandarin Software1988
2019-12-14Compilation: Heroes
Barbarian II+Licence to Kill+The Running Man+Star Wars
2019-12-14Compilation: The Hi-tec Hanna-barbera Cartoon Character Collection
Top Cat+Yogi's Great Escape+Hong Kong Phooey+Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure
Hitec Software1991
2019-12-11Compilation: Les Justiciers 1
Rambo 3+Robocop 1+Dragon Ninja
2019-12-11Compilation: Les A100% D'or
Les A Cent Pour Cent D'or
Operation Wolf+Titan+After Burner+R-type
2019-11-29Compilation: Malette jeux Amstrad 1
La Valise FIL 1
Tai Pan+Xevious+Express Raider+Super Soccer
2019-11-24Compilation: Take Two Double Pack
Bruce Lee+Zorro
2019-11-24Compilation: Starbyte+Rex HardMister Chip198x
2019-11-21Heroquest 1+Hero Quest Return of the Witch LordGremlin Graphics199x
2019-11-17Compilation: 2 por 1 - 1943 the Battle of Midway+Tiger RoadERBE Software1988
2019-11-17Compilation: Back to the Future
Back to the Future 2+Back to the Future 3
2019-11-17The Amazing AmstradOmnibus Publising198x
2019-10-28Compilation: Nouveau Logistrad 1
Histo Quizz+XOR+Cobra Pinball+Challenger-Reversi+Transtrad
2019-10-24Compilation: Predator 1+FiretrapProein Softline19xx
2019-10-23Compilation: Codemasters Megastar Quattro Vol 15Codemasters19xx
2019-10-23Logiciels EducatifsGeneral Video / Cobra Soft198x
2019-10-18Compilation: J'Entre en 6eme
Balade au Pays de Big-ben+Maths-6+Grammaire-65
Coktel Vision198x
2019-09-18Compilation: Amstrad à la Maternelle
Bébé Complète+Colorie les Formes+Bébé compte+Bébé additionne
2019-09-13Compilation: Accion y AventuraESP Soft2019
2019-09-13Compilation: Serie Oro volumen 3
Quadrel+Sherman M4
Proein Softline199x
2019-09-13Compilation: Serie Oro volumen 4
Moon Blaster+Tennis Cup
Proein Softline199x
2019-09-13Compilation: Serie Oro Amstrad19xx
2019-09-13Compilation: Coleccion de Exitos Dinamic
Abu Simbel Profanation+Army Moves+Camelot Warriors+Don Quijote de la Mancha+Dustin+Game Over+Nonamed+Phantomas 2
2019-09-13Compilation: Videoamstrad 05Software Editores19xx
2019-09-13Compilation: Videoamstrad 06
Backgammon (Software Editores)+Banco+Desensamblador+Ser Padres+Agenda (Febrero)+Truco+Hablon+Evolucion+Chomper (Software Editores)
Software Editores19xx
2019-09-13Compilation: Videoamstrad 07Software Editores19xx
2019-09-13Compilation: Videoamstrad 08
Software Editores19xx
2019-09-13Compilation: Videoamstrad 09Software Editores19xx

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.