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In case your mother never told you, a word of advice. Avoid Blue Stilton and pilchard sandwiches. Especially with Tabasco. In a fit of boredom, I concocted just such a snack, and settled down to watch Fire Fox on the old video.

Having consumed said comestibles, I started to nod off. I awoke with a start, not in the living room but at the controls of a Mk IV Haddock, the deadliest helicopter ever built. I looked out of the window. Below me was a steaming, stinking swamp where thick bubbles of noxious gas belched to the surface and lazily plopped open.

Stifling thoughts of British Rail coffee, I reached for the radio. "Hello Control", I shouted, "what's going on?". The voice crackled back: "Don't let us down now. See that compound in the distance, with the high fence? That's a top secret research station, where Professor Fay K. Germanaccent has been developing a new type of clone.

"You have to rescue the clones and return them to the Clone Transporter on the other side of the swamp".
"Is that all?" I gasped, still thinking of BR catering. "No, of course not", said the radio. It cackled horribly and continued: "Some of the professor's other experiments have escaped to the swamp, and just happen to have a helicopter phobia. They'll attack you on sight."
"Thank God I'm in a Haddock", I sighed. "Don't sigh too soon", Control giggled. "All you've got is bombs. We've disabled the lasers, guns, cannon and anything else that might help you. You're doomed. DOOMED! Hahahahahaha!". Control had never been the same since we'd slipped him that ginseng cigarette...

I was on my own. Looking through my bomb sights I saw what looked like psychadelically coloured eggs rising up towards me. I thumbed the bomb release button, and watched the monsters die unborn in a cloud of chromatic coruscations. The fence loomed. I landed the chopper, and noticed that the electricity in the fence scared away the Things from the Swamp.

Somewhat relieved, I opened the door as a clone plodded towards the craft. It hopped in, and I took off, swinging in a
tight arc towards the thick air above the morass. Halfway across, a swarm of monsters attacked from above. My God, I thought. They look just like plastic ducks. But the gleam in their eyes was most un-ducklike.

Somehow I managed to avoid them and put the chopper into the clone transporter. The clone bumbled out, and I was faced with another journey across that deadly bog.

The rest of the mission faded into a blur until I realised that my time was up. A host of evil, multicoloured monsters hovered around, leering unpleasantly and humming the Crossroads theme tune. They made a dive for the copter and I span down, down, down . . .
I sat bolt upright in my armchair. The television hissed at me. It was two in the morning, and it had all been a cheese-induced nightmare. My stomach turned at the thought of that coffee. Still, hadn't Edgar Allen Poe made good use of drug-inspired trips?
Of course the modern equivalent of the horror novel is the budget computer game, and this had been pretty horrific. I dismissed the thought almost as soon as it crossed my mind. Nobody would buy that. I shrugged my shoulders, and went upstairs to bed.

ACU #8610


Developer: Firebird Software
Program: Andrew Rogers (Andy Rogers)
Design: Tony Beckwith

★ PRICE: £1.99

★ YEAR: 1986

★ COLLECTION: Silver 199 Range (BUDGET)


DL: 77 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 141Ko
NOTE: w1103*h784

DL: 75 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 201Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by hERMOL ; w943*h1458

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» Helichopper    ENGLISHDATE: 2021-03-30
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SIZE: 46Ko
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DL: 58 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 141Ko
NOTE: Scan by Pinace ; w1205*h756

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TYPE: image
SIZE: 179Ko
NOTE: Scan by Pinace ; w1205*h756

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