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You have been sent to Harboro, a market town, where a murder has been committed The police have arrested a suspect, but cannot proceed further without firm evidence against him - evidence such as the murder weapon, for example which you are told to go and recover

You begin your quest in the Police Station There is not much information to be gained here and the desk sergeant is about as communicative as a tortoise in the middle of its hibernation Looking around the playing area you'll find that it's quite large When I played the game, I got the feeling that it was too large. It seemed almost that so much memory had been used up in creating a large playing area that little had been left for problems to be programmed in.

The problems themselves are not very difficult In fact, novices might find this to be one of those rare games which they can buy and have a realistic hope of completing without too much difficulty. (That was Dorothy's intention when she wrote Harboro, St Jive and Lost in the Amazon.....Barbara)

There are one or two problems which struck me as being a trifle obscure For example, initially the Lady of the manor won't allow you to enter because 9he doesn't like the look of you This is the only hint which you are given, from which you must deduce that your hair needs cutting.

Once inside the living-room of the manor house, the Lady appeared and brought me tea and biscuits When I did a Redescribe surprise, surprise, the lady appeared and gave me tea and biscuits When I entered a command which wasn't recognized, the Lady arrived and gave me tea and biscuits. Could this be love. I wondered?

When I left I must have gained a couple of stones in weight from the hundreds of biscuits and the gallons of tea which had been forced upon me Nor was this the only bug which I found within the game. I must add that the bugs which I found in no way prevented completion of the game, but the fact that they were there irritated me, all the more so because I found that there was little depth to the game, and to be frank. I had to force myself to play the game through to its conclusion.

The majority of the problems simply concern carrying the right object when you try to do something. Of the other problems, there is only one which requires a little preparation, as it concerns a passage which, once you've entered cannot be exited by returning the way you came. Unless you've unblocked the other end of the passage first, you re stuck.

There are several characters within the game, for example shop owners, a beggar, a vampire and so on This is another area where the game fell down for me The characters were like cardboard cut-outs They stood somewhat pathetically in their home locations, unable to venture outside or to do anything really If you enter Talk CHARACTER, you get the default OK message, but never any other response which might have helped bring the characters to life At many of the locations, if you try to EXAMINE your surroundings all you are treated to is the default message No additional information which might help draw you into the game is present.

Reviewed by Phill Ramsay on an Amstrad CPC




★ INFO: In HARBORO; You are Special Inspector Francis and have been sent to Harboro. a small Market Town in England A murder has been committed and the suspect arrested. However, they are unable to charge him because of lack of evidence we need the murder weapon' you are told You find yourself in the interview room of the local Police Station discussing the murder. You are given a letter to enable you to get some money which you will need on your quest.

★ PRICES: £4 (Disc) ; £2 (Tape)

★ YEAR: 19XX


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