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Fantasy Quest is replete with all the ingredients one would expect from this type of game - magical powers, mythical beasties and marvellous locations. The aim of the game is to obtain the SCEPTRE, but to succeed, you first have to find the ORB, six RINGS as well as build up enough rating points. In Fantasy Quest, heroism is on trial...well, sort of.

To start the game you key in your name and then choose which role you want to assume: necromancer, mentalist, berserker, soldier, or hermit. This brings you to the game's main map. This is a rather uninspired depiction of the world you must move in and reveals four main locations - sanctuary, forest, marshes and tower -indicated by various keyboard characters.

Movement can be made in six different directions by pressing the appropriate keys, which, unfortunately, are about as responsive as a dead canary. The track along which you travel is indicated by a row of dots. Keep to it and you're safe, but don't expect excitement! It is only by diverging from the track that you can accumulate treasure, skill or rating points.

Below the map your current rating points are categorised according to wealth, skill, existence, combat strength, mental power and energy. Should any of the last three reach zero then you can kiss your nether regions goodbye. There's plenty of blood in this game as you contend with a veritable cocktail of mythical beasties -minotaurs, thunder lizards, wyverns, centaurs and so on. And watch out for lightening bolts!

Fortunately, you have a range of spells at your disposal and your sword can be made to strike head, body or legs.

Progression to any of the four main locations will reveal a secondary map. The forest map, for example, reveals both a castle and a lake. Here, however, there is no track and consequently, no security. If you're lucky, you might chance upon a faery ring which will transport you to a spot nearer the castle. But there are also less fortuitous areas which can sap your strength. The various sanctuaries, however, revitalise your power as well as providing a temporary refuge from the the nightmare world outside.

The dreary graphics (if you can call them graphics) leave a lot to be desired and the game offers nothing that hasn't been done before. Still, there's plenty of incident and a good deal to explore. A distinctly average game.



AUTHOR(S): ???

★ PRICE: £9.95

★ YEAR: 198X


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