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EAGLEBEARER is a computerised Battle Management System for use with wargame figures. The entire concept of normal wargaming with written rules is totally revolutionised. The player has no need to calculate morale and casualties. These are all kept and updated by the computer. In addition EAGLEBEARER supplies the player with information with which he decides his tactics. The system also introduces random (and very realistic) variables such as weather and unexpected death of commanders. All these have a bearing on a player's decisions Flank marching and scouting are automatically calculated.

With EAGLEBEARER the ratings assigned to each general will affect their ability and the type of messages sent by them to the commander. The dispatches are the prime source of battlefield information and form the basis on .which decisions are made. The system will designate units that are able to fire, change formation or charge and those that should retire or retreat. Some of the features included:

  • Automatic morale and casualty calculation.
  • Army creation and storage facility.
  • Command structure creation and storage.
  • Variable weather and effects.
  • Suitable for any figure scale and ratio.
  • Direct fire and bombardment options for artillery.
  • Dispatches from generals based on status of their commands.
  • Ideal for campaigns and solo play.
  • Detailed historical data incorporated includinq 17 national characteristics.


Author(s): ???

★ NOTE: Tabletop games spawned board wargaming and gave rise to computer wargames, and in many respects the computer has the potential edge in terms of both realism and ease and convenience of play. The computer can take much of the pain out of applying complicated sets of rules a package such as Eaglebearer from Battle Honours can be used in conjunction with lead figures and landscape models to run battles. Eaglebearer takes care of morale and casualty calculations, and introduces variables such as weather and the deaths of commanders as well as dispensing with written rules.

★ YEAR: 1988


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