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Dragon Is the first in the series: Corya the Warrior-Sage. Upon the holy mountain of Tanel-An-Uthan stands the Citadel of the Ancient Ones. A fortress impenetrable by normal means, within the few are taught the way of the Warrior-Sages. Taken from their families when young, the new priests of the Temple of Wisdom would learn the virtues of wisdom, the prowess of the warrior and the power of the sages. As they reached manhood they took the final test, the trial of Cutar - the death walk. To perish now would mean oblivion for their souls, to survive would earn the the title of Warrior-Sage.

Seldom would a priest venture North into the world of man, but this is the tale of one such man, of Corya the Warrior-Sage. Having left the mountain, Corya travelled within the realms of Tannen for many years. Knowledge of a Warrior-Sage leaving the mountain spread like wildfire throughout Tannen, but seldom would he be seen unless the need was great and he would appear, always where he was needed most, always where only he could help.

The village of Ermahal was small and similar to many other such settlements across Tannen. The villagers were mainly farmers, working the land around the village, selling their excess stock of grain and barley to the neighbouring villages of Atreus and Sillac. The nearest village to the Great Forest, Ermahal was the last stop on the stage route to the East. The tavern was second in size only to the great hall, where the council met, and many a merchant told of his tales of terror, of wraiths grabbing anyone who ventured within Cathin's realm, the Great Forest.

As they sat around the huge fire that glowed a warm yellow-red in the western wall, the villagers listened as another merchant told tales of terror In the forest. The flames crackled, and
as a charred log slipped in the fireplace, a sudden burst of sparks quickly died and for a moment the shadows on the walls danced in a jig of excitement. "/ have heard of a dragon once more in the mountains, a horrific beast that has awakenedfrom a deep sleep".

A gasp rose from his captive audience, even Barley the Innkeeper stopped whipping the tankard he was holding and listened. “It has attacked Allarik on the western edge of the mountains. We passed through it on our way here. The whole village was destroyed and it even took some of the villagers back to its nest for “later”. Silence filled the tavern. Few men had ever seen the dragon and told the tale, no-one in the room had, and what is more, none of them wished to!

Barley shut up his tavern a little before midnight and slowly made his way to the kitchens, pouring himself a tankard of warm ale and seating himself in his favourite chair he settled back to ease his aching back. Exhausted from a hard day's work he dozed in his chair and as his head dropped resting on his chin and he slept. The screaming from his village woke Barley with a start. He got to his feet and opened the door. Just then, the merchant who told the tales earlier that evening ran past him. Barley grabbing the merchant by the arm, asked what was wrong.

“The dragon! It's here, the dragon that attacked Allerick it's here, the dragon that attacked Allerick, it's here", he struggled to release Barley's grip, panic strengthened him and he pulled free running from the village to the darkness of the forest. All around pandemonium fell upon the village, buildings were ablaze, lighting the midnight sky with a red glow. Everywhere villagers were running in all directions. Horror gripped him as out of the sky swept the dragon. Barley, shaking with fear, was rooted to the spot as the dragon swept down towards him. A scream of panic was the last thing that Barley heard as a ball of flame engulfed him, burning him to ash within seconds.

The dragon lifted and flew upwards, circling the village, eying its devastation. Several more times it circled the village, then content, made its way toward the mountains and as the darkness cloaked It, the dragon was seen no more.

The village was a shambles. Villagers spent the remainder of the night putting out fires, trying to stop the red menace spreading to the few untouched buildings. At first light the true cost was apparent. Most of the buildings were
burnt to the ground and many villagers were burnt to death or badly burnt fighting to save their homes, or simply engulfed by the beast as it attacked. The surviving villagers gathered In the roofless and damaged great hall which was as safe a place as any other. There they prayed for help, prayed for the hope of a miracle.

At the top of a small hill, overlooking Ermahal stood Corya looking down at the devastation, he heard their prayers, he had come...

Dragon: Corya the Warrior-Sage is a two part text adventure written using the Professional Adventure Creator from Gilsoft. It is the latest adventure, and it is a very good one too, from Tony Collins.

Reviewed by "Kedenan", played on the Amstrad CPC6128



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