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A Four Part Fantasy Text Adventure Written By Larry Horsfield

One summer's day, you are urgently summonsed to the King's audience chamber, where you find him in the company of his Foreign Minister. Baron Mescarl, and four foreigners dressed in black armour, who you are told are Teutonic Knights from Germania. Prinz Eugen of Lubeck, explains that they are a deputation from the Hanseatic League, a confederation of city states that have coexisted peacefully for hundreds of years and have become one of the most powerful trading nations in the world. Now that peace is under threat due to the recent theft of the symbol of unity of the league, a metal gauntlet from the suit of armour worn by the founder of the League, known as Die Feuerfaust - The Fist of Fire - was stolen by persons unknown from where it rested in the Town Hall in Lubeck, the capital city of the League.

Each of the city states suspects the other of being behind the theft, but why any of them should want to steal it is beyond belief. Nevertheless, the theft has caused long-forgotten enmities to resurface and it is these that are in danger of escalating into civil war. Your exploits in seeking and finding the lost Axe of Kott have become legend in Germania, and the Teutonic Knights, have decided to seek your aid in finding the and restoring Die Feuerfaust to its rightful place and thus preventing the threatened civil war. King Kelson tells you it will be your choice whether to accept the quest but your desire for some adventure causes you to agree to help the Knights. They offer to escort you across the Baltic to Lubeck. but you decline, saying you will make your own way, as you have to visit a friend first. The Knights are puzzled by this, but take their leave and return to Lubeck immediately.

You then set forth to visit this friend, none other than Magor the Sorcerer, who helped you at the start of your quest to find the lost Axe of Kott. You ask Magor if, by arcane means, he can enable you to speak the Germanic language. Magor is able to do this and he teaches you something of the geography of Germania. After bidding Magor farewell, you ride to the coast and take passage on a merchant ship bound for Lubeck, a voyage heading southwest that will take about five days. The weather when the ship sets sail is good but as you approach Germania a violent storm hits the ship and drives it south, way off course, and directly towards the rugged coast Realising that the ship is being blown relentlessly towards some rocks, the captain orders everyone to take to the boats. As this is happening, the ship hits some submerged rocks and starts to sink. You are thrown into the water and only survive by clinging onto one of the ship's spars.

The next thing that you know is when you are wake up on a sandy beach, although there is no sign of the spar you tied yourself to. Your head hurts and it takes a while to clear. Then you turn around to see where you have been washed up......

Available on Spectrum Tape Priced £3.00 and 3.0" Disc Priced £5.00. and on Amstrad Disc for CPM- and CPM 2.2 Priced £6.00



Author: Larry Horsfield

★ PRICES: £6

★ YEAR: 19XX


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