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In this adventure, you play the part of Jenny Peril, up and coming time jumping cadet in the Federation of Peace. Your final exams, taking place in the Corps simulation unit, consists of the simulation of Curse of the Serpent s Eye. This involves locating the eye and activating the portal in order to obtain a first class pass. As this is a simulation, you can't actually die, but failure to complete it means that you can't obtain your pass.

The game starts in a town square by a monolith To the east are the (locked) city gates The first real problem which I encountered was when I tried to enter a house. Not only was the door locked, but there is no key within the game to help you unlock it Knocking at the door elicited no response, neither did ringing the doorbell. The solution to this problem was, I thought a little on the oblique and obscure side, but it s not so outrageous that it is insoluble.

There are several things to be discovered within the house and here a cypher may be presented to you, and this can only be solved when you have found the cypher key and can thus decode it In the hardware store, you may find that a small hole is too small for you to get through: however, get through it you must The hole would not respond to my efforts to enlarge it either.

Later on in the game you will come across such diverse problems as how to get a pitchfork from under a trailer; and how do you possibly manage to climb up a bank when the ground is so muddy that you slip down each time you try to climb it? The solution here is again obligue. but this time I found the logic behind it quite appealing!

There is a beehive to be raided, if, that is, you can manage to think of a way of pacifying the bees, and then a bear to be persuaded to give you a little unconscious aid. At the top of the bank there is an interesting structure, and the cypher which you found earlier may come in useful Eventually you may manage to find your way into the catacombs, and here various perils await you Amongst the easiest is the lake of acid. The problems get a little more awkward when various inanimate objects decide to come to life to try to end yours. Having fended them off, your next problem is how to get yourself out of the catacombs This requires a little thought and perhaps a little help, but overall it's not terribly difficult

Overall, I didn't really enjoy playing this game. There are several irritating little bugs within it For example, when I input EXAMINE HOUSE or EXAMINE CEMETERY, I got the response ‘ another dead end". This became quite irritating because it appeared whenever I tried to examine something which hadn't been catered for. Having played the Dragon Slayer trilogy, and found them to be excellent games, I found myself feeling quite disappointed with Serpent's Eye. The bugs apart the game just didn't appeal to me. I would place the difficulty level at around intermediate. The game has been converted using the Amstrad version of PAW and so runs under CPM and re disc only.

Amstrad version available from The Adventure Workshop. Price: £4 (disc only), cheque/p.o. payable to P.M.Reynolds

Reviewed by Phill Ramsay on an Amstrad CPC


Author: Martin Freemantle

★ INFO: You play the part of jenny Peril, on up one coming time-Jumping cadet , in Earth's Federation of Peace, F.O.P , for short. Vou are now entering your final exams, which are taking part in the corps own holographic simulation unit. You have been assigned test simulation 001 "CURSE OF THE SERPENT'S EYE" and involves the task of locating the eye and activating the portal, which will give you a first grade pass. As the whole test is conducted within the hologram, you cannot be killed but if you mess up, the test will terminate and you will fail to enter the F.O.P. as a TIME JUMPER.

★ PRICE: £4 (Disc)

★ YEAR: 19xx


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