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Everything you need to know about the greatest cover tape in the history of er... cover tapes.



Side A: Shinobi, Master Ninja!

Important warning: joystick and ultra fast reactions required

The fust side ol the AA Fourth Birthday Cassette is entirely given over to a great fully playable taster of the brilliant new Virgin Gaines coin-op conversion Shinobi.

you enjoy it as much as we do' Almost certainly this is the best cover game that we at Amstrad Action have ever had one complete level of Stonobj the furious martial arts arcade adventure from Virgin Games.

The .storyline is simple a terrorist network led by five evil Ninjas called the Ring of Five have kidnapped the children of various world leaders. Tut, tut. They now have a blackmail capacity far in excess of any previous nasty. Only you. as a Master Ninja with so much Shinobi (a Japanese word meaning stealth, by the way) it's coming out of your ears, can rescue the children.

There's lots to do one level, one end of level guardian and the bonus level On a 128K machine there's a full sound track, as well as various digital samples But everyone gets the same level of frenetic gameplay The most difficult of the various movements open to you difficult is jumping up to a ledge : press up and fire at the same time. Down and fire brings you back down again.

Due to the sheer mammoth size of the Shinobi demo, there isn't a routine to transfer it to disk Load it and leave it loaded!

Look out for the definitive, two page review of this exciting new game in next month's AA -and see if you agree with our verdict!

Daleks by Mike Wong
To load: run tape & select (4) from menu

This superb little program is a one screen game inai promises loads o' run lor everyone.

Your task is to defeat the Daleks on their home planet Skaro. Either make them crash into each other, or use your trusty some screwdriver (which has a limned number ol uses and only works at point blank range) Also, the Daleks cannot touch the Tardis.

You move using the cursor key pad as a sort of clockwork movement tablet: 16 is East.

f1 is South-West, and so on To use the sonic screwdriver, use the S key But be warned -the Daleks track you relentlessly!

If things get tight use your compact random hyper space generator (H key) to get out quick. In dire emergencies enter the Tardis -but then the Daleks win, and you must beat them again on the same level Daleks is a tough, thought-provoking game with some cute effects and an addictive quality that's often not present in commercial games.

SelfDest by Rufus Cable
To load: run tape & select (7) from menu

We're not going to show you what this looks like: let's just say it's totally harmless but great fun! When it's loaded get someone who doesn't Know you've done so to come along and press a key. Then just watch their face...

DataMaker by Richard Carr
To load: run tape & select (5) from menu

Ever written code directly into memory? It can be a real pain trying to turn it into a list of data statements for use in a Basic program. Some people even resort to putting it all in by hand, a nightmare for long lists of binary that inevitably results in errors.

That's where this DataMaker comes in Load the program, then the code, enter the start and end addresses and a filename. The program creates a Basic program with data neatly put into data statements Re-LOAD the new file and then save it again, because it s created in ASCII format, not the quickest file type for loading and saving Re save and your CPC uses much faster Basic format.

EasiSheet by Andrew Hodgson
To load: run tape & select (3) from menu

A spreadsheet is a utility used (or mathematical simulation. By entering values onto a "sheet" of electronic paper, the computer can work out calculations between the values, and store the results further down on this sheet."

Uses might include seeing how much money flows through your hands during a year, or costing some complicated project, or perhaps seeing how much time a process takes.

The electronic "page" is laid out in a series of rows and columns, which divide it into cells. Numbers can be entered into these cells, as can text - to help explain what process the spreadsheet is at. Calculations are also entered into these cells.

WordFinder by Jason Birkitt
To load run tape & select (6) from menu

You will surely have come across a word-search puzzle - a grid of apparently random letters which conceal hidden words Now you can create them onscreen. Simply enter the words (don't use spaces that's a dead giveaway!) and the program mernly goes along, inserting them in a random qua you can either print it out. rearrange the grid (sometimes the words appear in lather obvious places), or start on a new grid.


COMPILATION: AMSTRAD ACTION COVERTAPE #049 - BIRTHDAY GIFT PACK (OCTOBER 1989) [Shinobi Demo+Daleks+DataMaker+WordFinder+Self Dest+Easisheet]

★ YEAR: 1989


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