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Even though my brother and I were big Amstrad CPC freaks my brother once bought a used C64. (Well you should keep an open eye for what your enemy does ...). He often got discs with games and demos on it and some times I used these as templates for my own stuff (but mostly I used Amiga demos as exemplar for my own stuff, always believing that "what the Amiga can do, the CPC also can do").

Anyway once he showed me the game "Blackwyche" from Ultimate - Play the Game (now Rareware). I liked the graphics of the game, but I never really found out what to do in this game. I just kept walking around and looking into different rooms until I got hit too often by some of the crudely drawn, monochromic enemies and the game was over.

Anyway the background graphics of this game alone sufficed to inspire me to try to write a similar game. The big issue of a game like that was figuring out whether an animated character was in front or behind a part of the scenery.

I wrote a program to test some ideas to find out the correct order of background objects and animated charactes. The program worked fine and was fast enough for me (since I didn't use double buffering at that time the pirat character in the demo is a little flickering).

I don't remember why I've discontinued this project. Probably I had started other projects as well and just forgot about this Blackwyche clone. Fact is, after doing this small demo I didn't continue this idea.

By the way, while doing some research for this text I've read some information on Blackwyche and after reading all this I'm still not sure what your task is in this game...




★ YEAR: 1990


Game (NON Commercial/Freeware/Shareware):
» Blackwyche  CloneDATE: 2013-08-30
DL: 61 fois
SIZE: 21Ko
NOTE: 40 Cyls

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