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Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 02 Mai 2021, 10:51 ]
Sujet du message :  [EMU/LINUX] Xcpc

Et après plusieurs années sans la moindre MAJ ...
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The version v0.36.0 of Xcpc has been released ! This version now provides a new user interface based on Gtk+-3.x. Some minor bugs have been fixed. Xcpc now provides four types of user interfaces: Gtk+-3.x Motif-2.x Athena Intrinsic By default, the toolkit is automatically detected and selected in the order above. If you need, you can also specify the user interface with the --with-x11-toolkit option when running the configure script (gtk3, motif2, athena, intrinsic).

The version v0.35.0 of Xcpc has been released ! This version now provides a new very simple user interface based on Xt Intrincs in case of Athena or Motif2 toolkits are not available or if you just want the simplest user interface, basically a simple window. Joystick support has been added under Linux and up to two physical joysticks can be used. You can now really play to old games in good conditions.

The version v0.34.0 of Xcpc has been released ! This version contains lots of improvements, new features and fixes. The Athena and Motif user interfaces have been updated, a status bar has been added with disk names, emulated machine informations and emulation status. The emulator widget, which acts as a glue between the Athena or Motif user interface and the emulation kernel, has been refactored and the keyboard and mouse events are now properly throttled.

The version v0.33.0 of Xcpc has been released ! This version contains a lot of improvements and fixes. The rendering code has been improved, the CRTC 6845 emulator has been rewritten and is now much more accurate. The PPI-8255 and the AY-3-8912 emulation parts have been heavily refactored and improved. A segfault crash in the rendering code has been fixed when the CRTC 6845 contained some « non standard » values (i.e. on the scrolling part in the game « Arkanoïd »). Thanks to René Ribaud for the bug report.

The version v0.32.0 of Xcpc has been released !This version is a major revision of the source code. The migration from the old codebase to the internal libxcpc library is now complete. The old emulator kernel has been removed from the src folder and all emulation code now resides in libxcpc. The code architecture is now cleaner and stronger than ever. The rendering code has been improved to emulate a CRT display so it should be eye candy (I hope).

The version v0.31.0 of Xcpc has been released ! This release is a very strongly reengineered version … This new version includes a deep rewrite of the emulation core and the user interface. Most of the emulation core (~90%) is now living in the internal library libxcpc. Many little bugs have been fixed, the internal library libdev has finally been remove as well as the dependency to GLib-2.

The version v0.30.0 of Xcpc has been released ! This is the first release since a very very long time (the previous official version has been released in 2007) … This new version is mainly a modernization and a big refactoring of the historical codebase: lot’s of bugs have been fixed and a major rewrite of the emulation kernel has begun.

scr/url: https://www.xcpc-emulator.net/

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