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2014-08-16Compilation: 2 Por 1 (GBA Championship Basketball: Two on Two+Star Raiders 2)Proein Softline19xx
2014-08-16Compilation: 2 por 1 (Exolon+Zynaps)ERBE Software / Hewson19xx
2014-08-07Compilation: AMSTRAD Pack Regalo Amstrad
Dustin+Army Moves+Camelot Warriors+Nonamed+Abu Simbel Profanation+Game Over 1+Phantomas 2+Don Quijote
2014-08-06Compilation: Les Dieux du Sport
Tennis Cup 1+SuperSki Challenge+Harricana+OutBoard
2014-08-06Compilation: I Cauldron II
Cauldron 1+Cauldron 2
Hitec Software / Palace Software199x
2014-08-06Compilation: RéflexionCobra Soft1985
2014-08-06Compilation: Cobra Soft Educative 6
Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 6
Cobra Soft1985
2014-08-06Compilation: Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 5Cobra Soft1986
2014-08-06Compilation:Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 4
Conjugaison+Vocabulaire+Proff+Le chateau du Diable
Cobra Soft1986
2014-08-06Compilation: Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 1Cobra Soft1985
2014-08-06Compilation: Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 2
Mathasard+Orthorepere+Histo Quizz
Cobra Soft1985
2014-08-06Compilation: Dizzy's Excellent AdventuresCodemasters19xx
2014-08-06Compilation: Six Appeal
Pick'n Pile+Rick Dangerous 1+Twinworld+Satan+Puffy's Saga
Ubi Soft199x
2014-08-06Compilation: Simulation Top
Targhan+Prince of Persia+Panza Kick Boxing
2014-08-05Compilation: 5 Exitos De Opera Soft
Sol Negro+Mutan Zone+Gonzzalezz+Ulises+La Abadia Del Crimen
Opera Soft19xx
2014-08-05Compilation: 4 Aces
TT Racer+Tomahawk+Fighter Pilot+Night Gunner
Digital Integration1987
2014-08-04Compilation: 4 Super 4
Ole Toro+Camelot Warriors+West Bank+Sgrizam
2014-08-03Compilation: Audio Amstrad #05
Incógnitas y Pirámide (Frame)+Bombarderos (Nepno)+Compsoft+Microutilidad 5
2014-08-03Compilation: Audio Amstrad #04G.E.A.S.A19xx
2014-08-03Compilation: Audio Amstrad #03: Volume 3
TurboQ+Romod+Gem+Alsim+Microutilidad 3
2014-08-03Compilation: Audio Amstrad #02 Volume 1
Nible+Parabola+Bactro+Blindado+Micro 2
2014-08-03Compilation: Videoamstrad 03Software Editores198x
2014-08-03Compilation: Turbo Amstrad #04
2014-08-02Compilation: Amstrad Mania #2Editorial Cometa198x
2014-08-02Compilation: Programando mi Amstrad #3
Tragoncete+Gusanin (Editorial Cometa)+Los Invasores+Carrera Alpina
Editorial Cometa198x
2014-08-02Compilation: Programando mi Amstrad #2
Bolos+Bancos Graficos+Antiphon+Ejemplos+Test
Editorial Cometa1986
2014-08-02Compilation: Programando mi Amstrad #1
Pantall+Chloamchla+Barrotes 2+Ejemlos+Test
Editorial Cometa1985
2014-08-02Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Matchday 2+Phantom Club)ERBE Software / Ocean19xx
2014-08-02Compilation: Micro Club 3
Out Run+Road Blasters
Micro Club / USGold1990
2014-08-02Compilation: NRJ la Compil'action 4
Prince of Persia+Sim City+Tennis Cup+Barbarian 2+Swap
2014-08-02Compilation: Run'Star 5
2014-08-02Compilation: Run'Star 4
Cauldron 1+Bubble Ghost+Sorcery+Stifflip+Azirun
2014-08-02Compilation: Run'Star 3
Crafton et Xunk+Sky Hunter+Pacific+Stryfe
2014-08-02Compilation: Log'star 5
Activator+Thai Boxing+Warlock+Bobby Bearing
2014-08-02Compilation: Super Games 2
Roland on the Ropes+Roland in Space+Punchy+Harrier Attack
2014-08-02Compilation: Hot Cakes 2
Monopolic+1000 Bornes
2014-08-02Compilation: Run'strad 1
Dan Dare 1+Dan Dare 2+Strangeloop+Shogun+Transtrad
2014-08-02Compilation: Red Dynamite Pack
Mambo+Ruler Of The World+Kung Fu Warrior+African Trail Simulator+Mountain Bike Racer
2014-08-02Compilation: Dinamic Discpack
Game Over 1+Army Moves+Dustin+Nonamed
2014-08-02Compilation: Gold Silver Bronze
Summer Games 1+Summer Games 2+Winter Games
Usgold / Epyx1988
2014-08-02COMPILATION: Top By Topo 2
Top By Topo II
Viaje al Centro de la Tierra+R.A.M+Mad Mix Game 2+Ice Breaker+Drazen Petrovic Basket
Topo Soft / ERBE Software19xx
2014-08-02COMPILATION: Total
Target Renegade+Arkanoid 2: Revenge of Doh+Combat School+Platoon
ERBE Software / Ocean1989
2014-08-02Compilation: Club Amstrad #04
Golf (Software Editores)+Combiloto-3 (Combiloto-2)+El Loto+Loteria aka Dataloto+El Amuleto+Listin+Biorritmos+Deduccion
Software Editores19xx
2014-08-02Compilation: 2 Por 1 (720 Degrees+gauntlet 2)ERBE Software / USGold19xx
2014-08-02Compilation: Logistrad 4Logipresse198x
2014-08-02Compilation: Logistrad 2Logipresse1986
2014-07-28Compilation: Space Ace
Northstar+Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper+Zynaps+Xevious+Venom Strikes Back+Exolon+Cybernoid 1
Star Games1988
2014-07-27COMPILATION: Coffret Cadeau 3 super logiciel de jeu
V The visitors+The Way of the Tiger+Gunfright
FIL / USGold1986
2014-07-27COMPILATION: Amstrad CPC Four pack
Jet Set Willy+Karl Treasure Hunt+Manic Miner+Binky Basher
Software Project1985
2014-07-26Compilation: The Magnifcient Seven 2
Les Sept Mercenaires no. 2
Rampage+International Karate plus+Short Circuit+Slap Fight+Super Sprint+Wizball+Freddy Hardest 1+Yie Ar Kung Fu 1
2014-07-25Compilation: The Magnifcient Seven
Wizball+Short Circuit+Arkanoid 1+Head over Heels+The Great Escape+Cobra Stallone+Frankie Goes to Hollywood+Yie ar Kung-Fu 1
2014-07-25Compilation: Sélection CPC
Foot+Quadrel+Builderland+Bumpy+Mata Hari+le 5eme Axe
2014-07-20COMPILATION: Top 10 - Computers Hits Exclusive to Dixons
Head Over Heels+Batman 1+Game over 1+Arkanoid 1+Tank+The Legend of Kage+Phantom Club+Freddy Hardest 1+Slapfight+Madballs
2014-07-20Compilation: Two Game Disk (Spaced Out!+Realm)Firebird19xx
2014-07-18Compilation: Classic Arcadia 2Alternative Software19xx
2014-07-18Compilation: Classic Arcadia
Triple Decker 1
Classic Invaders+Classic Muncher+Classic Axiens
Alternative Software199x
2014-07-18Compilation: Multimixx 3
Street Fighter+Bionic Commando+1943: The Battle of Midway
2014-07-18Compilation: 6-pak Volume 1
1942+Split Personalities+Duet+The Sacred Armour of Antiriad+Jet Set Willy 2+Scooby Doo+Fighting Warrior
Elite / Hit Pak1987
2014-07-18Compilation: 6-pak Volume 2
Into the Eagle's Nest+Arkanoid 1+Ace+Light Force+International Karate+Batty
Elite / Hit Pak1988
2014-07-18Compilation: Micro Club 2
Gauntlet 1+Gauntlet 2
2014-07-18Compilation: The Winning Team
Klax+APB+Escape from the Planet Of The Robot Monsters+Cyberball+Vindicators
Domark / Tengen1991
2014-07-18Compilation: The Tengen Trilogy
Klax+Cyberball+Escape from the planet of the robot monsters
Domark / Tengen19xx
2014-07-18Compilation: Pit-fighter+Super Space InvadersDomark199x
2014-07-18Compilation: Micro Club (Indiana Jones Y El Templo Maldito+Indiana Jones Y la Ultima Cruzada)Usgold / ERBE Software1991
2014-07-18Compilation: Triple Pack Alligata
Super Sam+Doppleganger+Defend or Die
2014-07-18Compilation: Triple Decker 2
Alternative Software199x
2014-07-16Compilation: Megamania
Gun-Ship+Double Dragon 2: The Revenge+Rick Dangerous 2+Aspar Grand Prix Master+Last Ninja 2
UBI Soft19xx
2014-07-16Compilation: A Toda Maquina 1
Robocop 1+Dragon Ninja+Rambo 3+Afterburner
ERBE Software / Ocean1989
2014-07-16Compilation: A Toda Maquina 2
A Toda Maquina Dos
Altered Beast+Chase HQ 1+Operation Thunderbolt+Galaxy Force
ERBE Software / Ocean19xx
2014-07-16Compilation: Album de Platino
Grand Prix Simulator 1+BMX Simulator+Terra Cognita+Professional Snooker Simulator+Ghost Hunters+Comic Arcade y Aventura+Super Robin Hood
Serma Software198x
2014-07-15Compilation: 10 Computer Hits Vol 2
3D Starstrike+Super Pipeline 2+Technician Ted+Android 2+Mutant Monty+Codename Mat+Moon Buggy+World Cup+Gauntlet (Micropower)+Fantasia Diamond
Beau Jolly19xx
2014-07-15Compilation: Micro Club 5
International Karate Plus+Yie Ar Kung Fu
Micro Club1990
2014-07-15Compilation: 10 Computer Hits Vol 5
Dark Sceptre+Tarzan+Catch 23+Mystery of the Nile+Endurance+Mega Apocalypse+Ninja Hamster+Activator+The Boggit+Enlightenment Druid 2
Beau Jolly198x
2014-07-15Compilation: 6 Computer Hits vol 4
Dandy+Starquake+Elektra Glide+The Sacred Armour of Antiriad+Revolution+Spindizzy+Deactivators
Beau Jolly1985
2014-07-15Compilation: 6 Computer Hits vol 1
3D Starstrike+Chuckie Egg 1+Gauntlet+Jack and the Beanstalk+Killer Gorilla+The Covenant
Beau Jolly1985
2014-07-15Compilation: 5 Computer Hits Vol 1
Wizard's Lair+2112 AD+Contraption+Kettle+Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
Beau Jolly1987
2014-07-15Compilation: Five Star Games Volume 3
Trap Door+Way Of The Exploding Fist+Tau Ceti+Firelord+Tempest+Strike Force Harrier+Aliens
Beau Jolly1987
2014-07-15Compilation: 10 Computer Hits Vol 4
Bride Of Frankenstein+Starquake+Uchi Mata+Pulsator+Elektra Glide+City Slicker+Revolution+Triaxos+The Sacred Armour of Antiriad+Deactivators+Spindizzy+Dandy
Beau Jolly19xx
2014-07-14Compilation: 2x1 (Motor Massacre+Dark Fusion)Gremlin Graphics / ERBE Software1989
2014-07-14Compilation: Micro Club (Cabal+Operation Wolf)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2014-07-13Compilation: Dixons Premier Collection 2
N.O.M.A.D+Daley Thompson's Super Test
2014-07-09Compilation: Data PD Starter PackData PD1990
2014-07-08Compilation: MegaPack 2
3D Fight+Charly Diams+Fusion 2+Infernal Runner+Mata Hari+Mission
2014-07-07Compilation: The Story So Far Volume 4
Ghostbusters+The Eidolon+Wonder Boy+Quartet+Back to the Future 1+Aliens
2014-07-05COMPILATION: System 3 Pack
Vendetta+Tusker+Myth: History in the Making+International Karate Plus
Usgold / System 31991
2014-06-10Compilation: Micro Club 19
Micro Club1990
2014-06-10Compilation: Quartet
War Zone+Moon Buggy+Ghouls+Gauntlet
2014-06-10Compilation: Big 4 Volume 1
Combat Lynx+Turbo Esprit+Critical Mass+Saboteur 1
2014-06-10Compilation: Big 4 Volume 2
Thanatos+Deep Strike+Sigma 7+Saboteur 2
2014-06-06Compilation: Coffret de 6 Jeux
Amstroid+Graphisto+Heliot+Isoleur+Pearl Harbour+Quaterne
Sprites Logiciels198x
2014-05-31Compilation: Micro Club 20
Hypersports+Track and Field
Micro Club / Ocean1990
2014-05-31Compilation: A View to a Kill and Sports PackPaxman Promotions19xx
2014-05-31Compilation: Solid Gold
Compilation: MassivGoldGauntlet 1+Ace Of Aces+LeaderBoard+Infiltrator+Winter Games
2014-05-31Compilation: Four Great Games Volume 1
European Games+Paws+Ground Zero+International Rugby
Micro Value19xx
2014-05-30Compilation: Star Games 1/Star Games One
Barry Mc Guigan World Championship Boxing+Rescue on Fractalus+Beach Head 2+The Way of the Tiger
Beau Jolly / Gremlin Graphics1987
2014-05-30Compilation: Logistrad 1
Roulette+Regime/Calories+Sequence Musicale+Slot Machine
2014-05-30Compilation: Logistrad 5
Graphik+Wargames+Robin Hood (Logistrad)+Tank Invader
2014-05-26Compilation: Micro Club 7
California Games+Winter Games
Micro Club1990
2014-05-26Compilation: Micro Club 10
Crazy Cars 1+Super Sprint
Micro Club / Ocean1990
2014-05-26Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 5: Power
Moto X Simulator+Championship Jetski Simulator+Pro Powerboat Simulator+ATV Simulator

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.