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2013-12-28Compilation: No Limits
Strider 2+Un Squadron
Usgold / Capcom19xx
2013-12-26Compilation: Winners!
Thunder Blade+Led Storm+Indiana Jones II+Impossible Mission 2+Blasteroids
2013-12-23Compilation: Kick Off Collection
Kick Off World Cup Edition+Kick Off 1+Kick Off 2
2013-12-04Compilation: La Compile Micro Fun Radio 2
Kick Off 2+Great Courts+3D Grand Prix+Grand Prix 500 II
Ubi Soft1992
2013-12-04Compilation: La Compile Micro Fun Radio
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 1+Back to the Future 1+Gremlins 2
UBI Soft / Elite1988
2013-11-08Compilation: All-Stars
Inside Outside+Bobby Bearing+Shadow Skimmer+Fairlight 1+Fairlight 2+Brian Bloodaxe+Warlock+Quest For The Mindstone+Palitron+Garfield Demo
The Edge1988
2013-11-08Compilation: Classix 1
Bobby Bearing+Brian Bloodaxe+Palitron
The Edge1987
2013-10-22Compilation: Todo Sobre El Amstrad #7G.t.s. Editorial1987
2013-10-18Compilation: Action Pack 3
Who Dares Wins 2+Kettle+Trap+Indoor Bowling
Alligata / WHSmith1987
2013-10-10Compilation: Action Masters
Turbo Out Run+Welltris+F16 Combat Pilot+Double Dragon 2+Italy 90
Infogrames / Erbe Software1991
2013-10-06Compilation: NRJ la Compil'action 1
North and South+Tintin sur la Lune+Fire and Forget 1+Teenage Queen+Hostages
2013-10-06Compilation: NRJ la Compil'action 2
Mystical+The Light Corridor+Crazy Cars 2+Pinball Magic+Shufflepuck Cafe
2013-10-05Compilation: Nrj la Compil'action 3
Turbo Out Run+Welltris+F16 Combat Pilot+Double Dragon 2+Italy 90
2013-10-05Compilation: Demons and Drivers
Ghouls'n Ghosts+Turbo Out Run
2013-10-03Compilation: Gargoyle Classics+Sweevo's World+Tir Na Nog+Dun Darach+Marsport+Heavy on the MagickRebound / Hewson / Mastertronic / Gargoyle Games / Melbourne House1989
2013-10-01Compilation: Working Backwards
Dark Star+Tank Busters+On the Run
Design Design19xx
2013-09-29Compilation: Multimixx 2
Beach Head 1+Beach Head 2+Raid
2013-09-29Compilation: Multimixx 1
Leaderboard+Leaderboard Tournament+World Class Leader Board
2013-09-27Compilation: Malette jeux Amstrad 1
La Valise FIL 1
Tai Pan+Xevious+Express Raider+Super Soccer
2013-09-27Compilation: GeoCobra Soft / ARG Informatique1986
2013-09-26COMPILATION: They Sold a Million 1
Beach Head+Daley Thompson's Decathlon+Jet Set Willy+Sabre Wulf
HitSquad / Ultimate Play The Game / Usgold / Ocean / Software Projects1986
2013-09-12Compilation: Club Amstrad #02Software Editores19xx
2013-09-12Compilation: Sporting Gold from EPYX
The Games Summer Edition+The Games Winter Edition+California Games
Usgold / Epyx1989
2013-09-12Compilation: Micro Club (Welltris+The Light Corridor)Micro Club / Erbe Software1991
2013-09-12COMPILATION: 3x1 Amstrad Disco volume 5
Elevator Action+Glass Rider+Glider Rider
Mind Games Espana198x
2013-09-12COMPILATION: 3x1 Amstrad Disco volume 4
Ramblas: El Caso Vega+Street Machine+Omega
Mind Games Espana198x
2013-09-12COMPILATION: 3x1 Amstrad Disco volume 3
N.E.X.O.R+King Leonard+Moty and Wooky
Mind Games Espana198x
2013-09-12COMPILATION: 3x1 Amstrad Disco volume 1Mind Games Espana198x
2013-09-12COMPILATION: 3x1 Amstrad Disco volume 2
Indoor Race+Legions of Death+Timetrax
Mind Games Espana198x
2013-09-12COMPILATION: 3x1 Amstrad Disco volume 6
defcom+the rocky horror show+room ten
Mind Games Espana198x
2013-09-11Compilation: Kids Play
Xeno+Grumpy Gumphrey Super sleuth+Knightshade+Marsport+Starstrike+Starion+Monty On the Run+Nightgunner+Thing On a Spring+Barry McGuigan's Boxing
2013-09-03Compilation: Pack Educatif-5
Maths-5+Anglais-65+Grammaire 6e/5e
2013-09-03Compilation: Pack Educatif-6
Maths-6+Anglais 6e/5e+Grammaire 6e/5e
2013-09-03Compilation: Pack Educatif-4
Maths-4+Anglais 4e/3e+Grammaire 4e/3e
2013-09-03Compilation: Pack Educatif-3
2013-08-13Compilation: DIMensionNEW 4 Juegos
Idealogic / Dimensionnew1986
2013-08-12Compilation: Logistrad 12
Eden Blues+Oroscope+Hexaminos+Zool
2013-08-10Compilation: Arcade Champions
Rastan Saga+Renegade 1+Psycho Soldier+Victory Road
Imagine Software198x
2013-08-10Compilation: Micro Club 13
Target Renegade+Renegade 1
Micro Club1990
2013-08-10Compilation: 4 In 1: Hit-pak
Commando+Airwolf 1+Frank Bruno's Boxing+Bombjack 1
Elite / Hit Pak19xx
2013-08-08Compilation: Mega Sports
Summer Games 1+Summer Games 2+the Games Summer Edition+the Games Winter Edition+Winter Games
Usgold / Epyx1992
2013-08-08Compilation: Gauntlet Limited Edition
Gauntlet 1+Gauntlet 2
2013-08-08Compilation: Superheroes
Last Ninja 2+Strider 2+the Spy Who Loved Me+Indiana Jones III
2013-08-08Compilation: Les Tops D'or
Zynaps+Skateball+Navy Moves+Star Wars+Strike Force Harrier+After Burner
Ubi Soft1990
2013-08-08Compilation: Les Tops D'or Volume 2
Tt Racer+Ikari Warrior+Exolon+Live And Let Die+Skateball+Last Ninja 2
Ubi Soft198x
2013-08-08Compilation: Mega Hit
Turbo Cup+Mach 3+Space Racer+Bumpy+Skweek+Cobra
2013-08-07Compilation: Best Of Codemasters Volume 8
Blade Warrior+Bounty Hunter+Ninja Massacre+Street Gang Football
2013-08-07Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Power
Moto X Simulator+Twin Turbo V8+Pro Powerboat Simulator+ATV Simulator
2013-08-07Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Combat
Death Stalker+Sas Combat Simulator+Ninja Massacre+Arcade Flight Simulator
2013-08-07Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Coin-ops
Pinball Simulator+Pub Trivia+Fruit Machine Simulator+Fastfood Dizzy
2013-08-07Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Arcade
Pinball Simulator+3D Starfighter+Grand Prix Simulator 2+Fruit Machine Simulator
2013-08-07Compilation: 2x1 (Navy Moves+Army Moves)Dinamic1988
2013-08-07Compilation: Trio
3Dc+Airwolf 2+Great Gurianos
Elite / Hit Pak198x
2013-08-07Compilation: Dinamic 5e Aniversario
West Bank+Abu Simbel Profanation+Dustin+Freddy Hardest+Basket Master+Sgrizam+Hundra+Basket Master+Megacorp+Phantis+Meganova+Capitain Sevilla+Pepe Carvalho
2013-08-07Compilation: Kid Kit
2013-08-07Compilation: Les Justiciers 3
Batman III+Shadow Warriors+Total Recall
2013-08-07Compilation: Classic Games 2
3D Clock Chess Vocal+Backgammon CP Software
CP Software / System4198x
2013-08-07Compilation: Classic Games On Amstrad Vol.1
Deadman+Alien Intruders+Snapman+Mayday
Database Software / Computing with the Amstrad198x
2013-08-07Compilation: Made In Spain 5 Estrellas
Roland on the Ropes (Fred)+Sir Fred+El Misterio Del Nilo+Humphrey+Afteroids
2013-08-07Compilation: Sport 88Proein Softline198x
2013-08-07Compilation: Mega Box 2
After the War+Navy Moves+Satan+Narco Police+Hammer Boy+Mega Phoenix
2013-08-07Compilation: Multi Sports 2Dinamic / Opera Soft1992
2013-08-06Compilation: 2 por 1 (Rock'n Roller+Wells y Fargo)Erbe Software / Dinamic19xx
2013-08-05Compilation: Atlantis-4 Game Pack No 3
Boinggg!+League Challenge+Superkid In Space+Survivors
Atlantis Software199x
2013-08-05Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Solomon's Key+Road Runner)Erbe Software19xx
2013-08-05Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Wizard Warz+Cybernoid 1)Erbe Software19xx
2013-08-05Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Samurai Trilogy+Thing Bounces Back)ERBE Software19xx
2013-08-05Compilation: Micro Club 16
Daley Thompson's Decathlon+Daley Thompson's Supertest
Micro Club1990
2013-08-05Compilation: Micro Club 15
Rolling Thunder+Rygar
Micro Club / Usgold1990
2013-08-05Compilation: Micro Club 1 (Arkanoid 1+Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh)Micro Club1990
2013-08-05Compilation: Micro Club (Robocop 1+Batman 3)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2013-08-05Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Barbarian 1+Stifflip & Co)ERBE Software198x
2013-08-05Compilation: 2x1: Cybernoid 2+Thunder BladeERBE Software198x
2013-08-05Compilation: 2x1: Arkos+El Poder OscuroZigurat1988
2013-08-05Compilation: 2x1 (Captan Sevilla+Meganova)Dinamic1989
2013-08-05Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Street Fighter+Road Blasters)ERBE Software19xx
2013-08-05Compilation: 2x1 (Dead Or Alive+Microball)System4 / Alternative Software1988
2013-08-05Compilation: 2X1 (Gauntlet 1+Gauntlet 2)ERBE Software / Usgold1991
2013-08-05Compilation: Micro Club (The New Zealand Story+Rainbow Islands)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2013-08-05Compilation: Micro Club (Beach Volley+Adidas Championship Tie Break)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2013-08-05Compilation: Micro Club (Operation Thunderbolt+Dragon Ninja)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2013-08-03Compilation: Educational Primer Packnorthern Computers1988
2013-07-18Compilation: CPCwiki - Amstrad CPC 16kbs Rom Game Development Competition 20132013
2013-07-15Compilation: Master Skate
Advanced Tactical Fighter+Exolon+Live And Let Die+Mange Cailloux+Netherworld+Skate Ball+Star Wars+Tetris+the Fury+Tomahawk
Ubi Soft198x
2013-07-14Compilation: Arcade Hits 3
Arcade Hits III
Paperboy 1+Saboteur 2+Light Force+Sigma 7
Elite / Durell / FTL
2013-07-08Compilation: Arcade Hits 6
Live_and_let_Die+Overlander+Vixen+Hotshot+Football Manager_2+CE 1
UBI Soft198x
2013-05-31Compilation: The Amstrad User - CPC Year Disc #12The Amstrad User1989
2013-05-31Compilation: The Amstrad User - CPC Year Disc #10The Amstrad User1988/1989
2013-05-16Compilation: Golden 7
Duel 2000+Cap sur Dakar+Fantome City+James Debug dans le Mystere de l'ile Perdue+Poseidon+Imperialis+La Malédiction de Thaar
Coktel Vision1988
2013-05-15Compilation: Multicours 4eme
Don Quichotte
Coktel Vision198x
2013-05-15Compilation: N 3 de Coktel
Numero 3 de Coktel
Imperialis+Cap Horn+San Pablo
Coktel Vision1985
2013-05-09Compilation: Drivers
Highway Patrol+Grand Prix 500cc+Quad+Chicago '90
2013-05-06Compilation: Education Software SelectionStrategy Software1987
2013-05-05Compilation: Logistrad 8
Monoson +La Boule+Calculatrice +Le Train Fou
2013-04-02Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 14
Magicland Dizzy
2013-03-30Compilation: Adventure Compilation: Tulgey Woods+Twelve Lost Souls+Labyrinth HallAdventure PD19xx
2013-03-30Compilation: The BizOcean1990
2013-03-28Compilation: Cecco Collection
Exolon+Cybernoid 1+Cybernoid 2+Stormlord
2013-03-28Compilation: Ace 1+Ace 2
Ace I+Ace II
Cascade Games1989
2013-02-28Compilation: Magnum Pack Volume 1
Turbo Boat Simulator+Bmx Kidz+Pogostick Olympics+Skateboard Joust

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.